Tuesday, 16 February 2016

GemBox review

Kia Ora!

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend Talk Beauty NZ, and part of the goodie bag was a Gem Box! I've been aware of Gem Box for a couple of years now, and have really liked some of the jewellery pieces that they've brought out.

Gem Box is a monthly jewellery subscription, that includes 2-4 pieces in each box and is $39 (including shipping). There are four types of boxes (and you can find out your style by taking the quiz): Vintage Glam, Urban Edge, Classic Chic, and Boho Love. Each box is different, but promises to have approximately a $75 value. Gem Box also offer a return service for any piece that you aren't happy with (for store credit).

Each Gem Box comes in this neat slide-out box, and the pieces are nestled in the black fabric. The one I grabbed was the Urban Edge variation, and I'm keen to show you what I got inside of it!

The first thing in my one is a set of three hair-ties. I've seen these kinds of hair ties around before (and they can be used as bracelets too I think), and they look comfortable as well as styly. I've been using the black one for the last few days, and it is really great at holding up a ponytail, doesn't slip out, and doesn't rip out my hair when I try to remove it. Yay!

These earrings are cute, but not my style. To be fair I picked a random box off the pile at the Talk Beauty NZ event, so it wasn't exactly tailored to my personal style. They are cute, and would be perfect for someone that loves vintage-esque pieces, but I don't tend to wear earrings very often. They are worth $29 according to the Gem Box shop, and feel like a decent quality piece though so a great addition to someone's Gem Box.

I am seriously in love with this bag! I've been looking for a cute leather bag, just big enough for my phone and a lippy, for ages. I used this one when going out for Valentine's day, and it was perfect. I love the chain, I love the closure, I wasn't too keen on the studs to start but they have grown on me. The only thing I wish was that it was silver or brass coloured metal, but the gold colour is nice too. I am so lucky to have gotten this bag, and I can't wait to use it more! It's worth $34 in the Gem Box shop, and they have a silver version available.

Overall, I'm ecstatic that I had the chance to try out this Gem Box, and I gained at least 2 items that I'm really happy with. I am seriously thinking about subscribing to this box now, and kicking myself for not doing that at this time last year! This box was great quality (and good value too), and I'm sure the service itself is just as good quality.

Until next time ...