Thursday, 9 April 2015

Project Pan Finale April 2015

Kia Ora!

Project pan is finished! I'm a bit relieved about this as I haven't really been giving it the love I should have recently, and got a bit sick of some of the products. I'll be glad to try other things without feeling too guilty now! The original post is here, and the February update is here. This post was supposed to be up last week, but I've just gotten quite sick of talking about the same products all the time. So sue me.

I know I kinda failed at doing a March update, but I was deep in research at that stage, and couldn't keep up with tracking the project pan. Because of this there are only 3 lines on each product to indicate usage (blue for how much was there when I started, green for the first update in February, and orange for how much is left now). I'm just going to have pics, as I'm sure anyone who reads regularly already knows what I think of these products. If not, check out the first two posts when I was more enthused (sorry to be so down today, but I am very over this Project Pan business).

I hated this, and stopped using it as it made me really greasy throughout the day. I'm giving it away to a friend this month, and hopefully she will get better results.

This one I have to say was great, but the pump action at the end was awful. That's why it looks like lots of product left, but there really isn't. I used it up just after taking this photo actually, so I think that technically means it is finished?

I used up 5 of the original 13 products, which isn't too bad I suppose. I don't think this type of thing works well for me, and I'm going to go back to just doing empties posts and trying to make sure I finish one type of product before opening another similar one. I hope someone enjoyed this, and I'll make sure I put up another blog post later today in order to make up for the ones I've missed recently. I also got a big haul of stuff from Innisfree and a couple of other places that I'm excited to talk about, so expect that before Sunday too!

Until next time ...

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