Thursday, 26 June 2014

Magical Free Things - June 2014

Kia Ora!

I've been signing up to a lot of free trials or getting samples in the mail recently and I thought it might be nice to share it with anyone who ends up reading this. I'm loving getting free stuff (mostly because I try to be frugal with money), and I get to try new and different products.  

Below are a bunch of things I got in June, along with details of how to get them yourself (if applicable). Enjoy!!

Black Box - Female Pampering Box
I received this from Sample Co and it had lots of different goodies in it. For a full report please see the full blog post I wrote on it. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Violet Box New Zealand - June 2014

Kia Ora!

This month's Violet Box was a complete surprise (I've been busy taking care of my SO who is recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction) and it was great to get it in the mail today!
I was surprised to see no actual 'box' but just the products in a cushion of violet paper. I'm quite happy not getting a box, as I have far too many as is, and struggle to use them. 

After removing the card, the products look great hidden within the strands of paper. I can't wait to see what's hiding in there. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Black Box from Sample Co - June 2014

Kia Ora!

This blog post is a little different. I received a box in the mail today, but not one I had to pay for. It's a new concept (for me at least) where full size products are sent out in a method called 'in-home marketing.' I'm very excited because it means I get to try lovely new products :)

The deal with getting all this free stuff is that you are required to fill out a survey/review of each product. I've always been keen on doing this sort of thing so I'm quite happy to invest my time like this. It also gives me a better idea of some products out there that wouldn't necessarily fit in the weekly budget if the only reason to buy was curiosity. 

In order to give a vague idea of the value of each product I've provided an RRP, however take those with a grain of salt. I sourced them from an online supermarket website, and they may vary or be totally wrong. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

My first empties blog!

Kia Ora!

I see lots of these types of blogs or videos and thought I would give it a go myself. If only as a way of keeping a record of products I've used up. 

MOR Hand Cream - Basil and Grape, Black Current Iris
While both of these sachets were foil packet samples, I really enjoyed them. The cream inside didn't dry out after the first use and I managed to get 6-7 uses out of each packet. This makes me really happy (especially since I have a bunch of other samples waiting to be used)!

The scents were delicious, if somewhat strange. I like the Basil and Grape, as the grape was the overpowering scent. The Black Current Iris one is nice, but a bit flowery for my individual taste. 

The hand cream itself is divine!! If I hadn't just received a bunch of hand creams in recent Goodieboxes, I would run out and buy these immediately. The cream sinks in quite fast and my hands are noticeably smoother and softer. I love everything about this product :)