Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lust Have It July 2016

Kia Ora!

It's time to see what's in another Lust Have It! I've had to cut down significantly on subscription boxes this year - planning a wedding and a trip to Europe puts a big dent in spending money. That has meant that I look forward to my Lust Have It a lot more, as it's the only regular subscription I have at the moment!

Lust Have It* is a monthly subscription, which costs $19.95 (AUD) plus shipping, and you get 5-6 products/samples. It ships to Australia and New Zealand, and is usually with you by the end of the month - although it often takes a little longer to reach New Zealand.

You can use coupon code IFORAYS1 for $10 off your first box! 

I love that there is a black bag this month! The pink is alright, but it's not a colour I'm overly keen on. I am really excited to see this black one!

The theme is 'All about makeup' - which is to be expected after a skincare theme in June.

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Cherry Blossom & Argan Oil Masquerade mask
RRP: $4.95

I've used Fuss Free silk masks before, and their face wipes are my absolute favourites. I'm really excited to see this mask in my Lust Have It. I haven't tried their masquerade series, and I can't wait to give it a go. Major win with this product for me! I just wish there were more than one.  

Teez Cosmetics Desert Metals Mascara
RRP: $32.50

I have enjoyed the Teez products that I've received previously, so I'm pretty happy to see this. I have started wearing mascara every day for work, so this is very welcome in my daily routine. Even better is the fact that it's a brown mascara - not something I've ever tried but I can't wait to see how it looks! 

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow - Vanilla Frosting
RRP: $29

I thought this was a white eye shadow, but it's more silver (see the swatch below). I'm not a huge fan of mineral shadows, but I'll certainly give this a go. I think silver eyelids will look rocking with my work outfits, so I'm looking forward to using this one too.  

MPrincess Mineral Blush
RRP: $15.45

This is probably the least exciting product for me in this bag. I don't use blush, even when I do attempt to do more than mascara and lipstick. I won't use this, so I'll be passing it on to someone else. It's a purple pink, as you can see in my not-so-stellar swatches below.  

Marsk Vanilla Frosting, and MPrincess Blush swatches

Glamourflage Saucy Sue Shower Cap
RRP: $7.95

Again with the mystery item thing - this one is quite different, and pretty cool. I personally don't like using shower caps, but I think this is perfect for my best friend so I'm still happy to have it. I do really like the design though, and it feels like a high quality cap.

Total value of the bag: $89.85.

That's a very nice value, but there is the same discrepancy in value that I discussed for the last couple of months. There were two eyeshadows that were options for this bag; the Marsk one (worth $29), and a Gosh one (worth $14.99). I just think it's not fair to the people who got the lower priced product - and that has been me the last couple of bags (although I preferred the lower priced product in those bags). Basically, I think that if a choice is offered then the price difference should be minimal.

Other than this, I really liked this bag. I didn't think that I would, but I will use the mascara, eyeshadow, and face mask. The blush is a dud product for me personally, and the shower cap will make a good present. Overall, I'm pretty happy!

What do you think?

Don't forget that if you want to sign up to Lust Have It, you can use coupon code IFORAYS1 for $10 off your first box!

Until next time ...

 *PR sample and affiliate links.

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