Friday, 19 December 2014

Memebox Special #46 From Jeju

Kia Ora!

Today we have another Memebox to explore. This one I've been looking forward to for months. I'm really excited to get a box that will have ingredients from one island in Korea. Jeju is known for it's volcanic and mud products, and I'm hoping there are some good ones in this box!

The Yeon Jeju Hallabong Ade Energy Peeling Toner 200ml

This toner is made from the Hallabong, a special variant of an orange that is only found on Jeju Island. This is just a toner, used with a cotton pad. The word peeling makes it sound rather exciting, but it seems to be a normal toner. I had visions of peeling a sticky skin off my face, but a normal toner is actually more useful. I'm excited to have this, and have heard good things about this brand.

RRP: $19
Full size.

Skincure SanDaWha natural Mild Cleansing Oil 30 ml

I've recently discovered the joys of cleansing oils (via the Banila Co Oil). I've been loving the way that it takes makeup off with ease, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I"m keen to give a different oil and brand a go, and see if it works just as well. This is the perfect size for travel, so I'm going to try this out over the Christmas travel period.

RRP: $10
Full size.

The Yeon Jeju Canola HOney Silky Hand Cream 50ml

This tube is really pretty, and I'm excited to give it a go. To the back of the massive hand cream line this goes! I've been taking some to work recently, and using it there. This is great as I have lovely soft hands, and I'm moving through the hand cream I do have with more speed. Go me!

RRP: $5
Full size.

Skindeco Volcanic Pore Clay Sparkling Heating Mask 100ml

I love face masks, of any kind so I'm excited to see this. The packaging is a bit boring (not that that matters), and the mask smells a bit odd, but I'm going to use this anyway. I like that it has a heating element to it, although I don't know exactly how this will work. I'll report back at some point on that, but would be keen to know if anyone else has used it and what they thought.

RRP: $33
Full size.

Etude House Clear & Moist Green Tea Blending Sleeping Cream 6g

I have been enjoying Etude House after getting a haul of masks from them awhile ago. This looks like a strange product, where you have to snap off the handle of the spoon, and use it to stir the product in the bowl of the spoon and put on your face. Interesting.

RRP: $2
Full size.

Etude House Soothing & Clean Gree Tea Mask Pack 

I love sheet masks. This is another one to test out and add to my collection. Woohoo!

RRP: $1
Full size.

Secret Nature From Jeju Serum 50ml

This serum has broccoli, carrot, aloe, and asparagus extracts. Mmmm I love putting veges on my face! Seriously, I love these types of things, and I'm really excited to try this out. I think this is going to work well with my current routine, and I'm really stoked to give this a go.

RRP: $33
Full size.


Total value of the box: $109.

I love this box! Pretty much everything in it is rather exciting, and it follows the theme really well. I was hoping for a good face mask, and we got two! And a rather lovely serum, toner and oil. This is a great box, and if it ever comes up as a restock, then you should get it asap!

Memebox has been doing some restocks lately, of plenty of boxes. This is great, but I keep missing out on the Cafe box, which I'm pretty desperate to get a hold of. I'm crossing my fingers for the future. 

Check out the  Memebox 12 Days of Christmas. There have been some restocks of old boxes, and a few new ones (the next Masks edition 'accidentally' got bought). Mostly USA only (BOO!) but some interesting value sets for everyone else.

$5 off on $30+ purchase: 5Z7I9Y

Until next time ...

Disclaimer: Affiliate links used in this post. I pay for all my boxes myself, with some bonus points when available. If you feel like supporting a Memebox addict, please feel free to use my links. I will appreciate it!

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