Monday, 7 March 2016

February Empties

Kia Ora!

It's the empties time of the month! I look forward to this part, as I finally get to throw away all the things I've been busy using up and collecting. It's quite cathartic. Check out all the things I used up this month, there's some neat products in there!

That looks like quite a few products ... let's see what exactly they all are!

Swisspers Make-Up Pads
I grabbed these at New Years when I was on holiday and forgot to take my usual ones with me. I love the Swisspers cotton pads, they are reliable and decent quality. Basically they don't fall apart and don't soak up too much product when I'm using them. I'll happily repurchase these if I need cotton pads again.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
I've been using face wipes a lot recently. I've been a bit lazy in my usual skincare routine, and have been using these instead of a cleanser more than I would like to admit. I love these wipes, they clean my face quite well and leave it a little moisturised too. I don't wear makeup so can't speak about those properties, but as a basic skin cleanser it's great. 

Mata Natural Aloe Vera Gel for sunburn
This gel is something I picked up in Thailand 5 years ago, but haven't used a heck of a lot since. I try pretty hard not to get sunburn, and I'm impressed about how long this lasted. I love using aloe vera for those rare occasions I do get burnt, and this was a great product. I don't know that I'd ever be able to find it again, but if I do I'm more than happy to buy it again!

Tocca Body Wash
This was a sample product from a Bonjour Jolie box last year. It was a nice body wash, this size lasted for 3 weeks or so, and the scent was great. It was a light, fresh, citrus scent and I quite liked it. I assume this is an American brand that I probably won't find easily here, but it's a neat product if you can get your hands on it.

Linden Leaves Fig Liquorice Cream Wash
I hated this product (you may be able to tell since it's still 75% full). The body cream/wash is fine - it lathers well, leaves you clean and not stripped of moisture, etc etc. The thing I can't stand is the scent. It's not pleasant, and neither my fiance or I could stand it. It smells like bad laundry detergent. Blergh. 

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner
I grabbed these when I was in Australia in October last year. I love them! They left my hair feeling soft and totally hydrated. Honestly, I don't think it's ever felt better. It looks soft and shiny and I am a little sad that I've finished these. Not least because the coconut scent is fantastic! However I have a huge line up of other shampoo and conditioners to use, so as awesome as these are I won't be able to repurchase for awhile. 

Queen Helene Pomegranate & Raspberry Scrub
This is something I grabbed from iHerb and I think this bottle lasted me a good 5-6 months. I really enjoyed using it, as it was a good combination of scrubby particles that leaves your face feeling great. I didn't notice any irritation at all, and my face felt very soft and smooth after using this scrub. I also noticed that any moisturisers, serums, and essences I applied after using this scrub would sink in quicker, and my skin looked visibly smoother. I have a few other facial scrubs to try out, but I would happily repurchase this in the future!

Oasis Beauty Berry Brightening Tonic
I've used about 3 of these toners in the last couple of years. Every time I'm looking for a new toner, I can't keep myself from treating myself with this one. I love this toner, I've called it my holy grail product in the past and I stick by that. It visibly brightens my skin, helps to fade red marks, and leaves my skin a lot healthier than when I use other toners. I can't say enough good things about this toner (and other Oasis Beauty products honestly). I haven't repurchased yet as I have some other toners I want to try out but I already miss this toner.

Oasis Beauty Beauty Sleep Night Cream (sample)
I've had this sample that came with an order last year. Oasis Beauty were selling cheap versions of the full size last month because they added too much chamomile, and so I jumped on the deal. I used the sample up first, and this cream is flipping awesome! This tiny pot lasted nearly two weeks, and I love this cream. It has wonderful ingredients in it, smells herbally (in a good way), and feels great to apply as a final layer of my skincare routine at night. I'm using a full size at the moment, but I can recommend this for a great night cream!

Bossy Cosmetics Cookie Dough Scrub - Raspberry Shortcake, and Vanilla
I've mentioned my current love of body scrubs, and I got these in my recent Bossy haul. They were pretty awesome scrubs, gave a deep cleanse and left skin soft and hydrated. They both smelled pretty good, and were easy to use. These aren't the best smelling scrubs that Bossy do, so I won't buy these again, but they are a good decent scrub.

Atom Coffee Body Scrub
This was a sample from a Flora and Fauna box, and it's such a nice coffee scrub. This packet was enough for one full-body scrub, and it was perfect for one morning when I was finding it hard to wake up. I love using coffee scrubs during those difficult mornings when I can't quite get on top of the day. This one smelled like coffee and orange. My skin was soft, moisturised, and smelled lovely. I'd be keen to find more of it, and will keep an eye out in the future!

Appelles Apothecary Soap Bar
This is from a subscription box from a couple of years ago. My fiance used this and the following are his thoughts: It was ok, I enjoyed that one. It seemed to have cumin seeds in it. The only problem was it disappeared too quickly, and I wish it had lasted longer as I quite enjoyed it.

Fortune Cookie Soap What's This Lip Scrub 
This was from a 12 Days of Christmas box that was released specially last year. I love Fortune Cookie Soap products (it's my favourite subscription box) and this was a neat lip scrub. I could talk about the scrub itself, but to be honest, it smelt so great (and tasted awesome) I ended up eating it rather than using it properly. Ooops.

Urban Decay Perversian Mascara
I loved using this sample! It started to dry up and clump so I've chucked it out, but it's a great mascara. I don't often use makeup, so I can't give a proper review of this product other than to say this: it made my lashed look great, long and black, and wasn't too hard to get off. I quite like it, and would repurchase but I have several other mascaras to try out first.

That's it folks. Most of the things I used up in February were really good products, and you can see that my obsession with body scrubs is still going strong. I have already finished another one, so keep an eye out for March empties if you want to see more empty body scrubs (or anything else I use up).

Until next time ...

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