Friday, 13 February 2015

Project Pan - Update 1

Kia Ora!

I took the photos for this update on time, but life got in the way and this post is a bit late. I'm gonna blame it on work being busy, and me being sick the last week. Urgh. Oh well, on to looking at how I'm going with this Project Pan business.

Pacifica Skincare Green Fig Hand and Body Lotion

Woohoo, look at that progress! I've used a green vivid to do the marks for update 1 so it's really obvious at a later date.

This one is on track for finishing, and my legs have been smelling great. Good job me!

Tosowoong Timeshift Emulsion

This one hasn't moved much, but I didn't really expect it to. There is more usage in a month than I did expect, especially considering I only use this at night as part of my nighttime routine.

Moisture Mist Moisturising Emulsion

Wow, this one is quite impressive. I didn't expect to see much progress on this one, but I like the gap between the two lines there. I've been using this as a day moisturiser, and slathering it on as the last step in my night routine too. I'm attempting to introduce a new day moisturiser, but my extensive routine isn't allowing that right now. This is working well though.

Nivea Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I've been wearing makeup to work once a week or so, and this has been getting a bit of use. I've also used it for removing swatches from my hands, and that is quite a good use for it too. Still quite a way to go, but at least I'm motivated to try and use it.

Nivea Double Effect Anti-Perspirant

This one is more difficult than anticipated. Despite multiple applications (morning, after work, before bed, and just because at times) I'm having a hard time making a dent. The lines being drawn on it do help, as it gives me hope  that the product is disappearing, albeit very slowly.

Ariel Spa Water 24 Hour Moisturizing Mist

I've been overusing this spray too. Spritzing it around during the day is fine, but I'm using about 5 times the amount needed when doing my skincare routine. Eh, doesn't seem to be adversely affecting my skin, so I'm going to keep doing it.

Schwarzkopf Instant Hair Filling Serum

I've still been loving this serum, and haven't needed to overuse it to try and finish it. I have noticed that the further down in the bottle the product is, the harder it is to get the required amount out. I've had to re-dip the dropper 5-6 times recently, just to get enough serum for one use. This is a bit annoying, but you can't really argue with science (?), physics (?), gravity (?), or whatever scientific reason there is for this difficulty.

Skinfood Breast Cream

Yay, progress! I think the rest of this moisturiser is simply on the sides of the bottle, and the green line isn't entirely accurate. Oh well, I'll probably cut the bottle open by the next update, that will make things interesting.

Deweytree Teatree Porest Powder in Toner

I've used this up much quicker than anticipated. I had to push back my product introduction schedule for my skincare routines, and get a new toner out quickly. I'm using this one once a day currently, and have introduced a rose toner for the morning routine. I will be sad to see this one go, especially as it seems to do some good things for my skin.

Hair Salon Concentrated Vita-Clinic Professional Formula

Since the picture, this product has been finished!! Yay! I'll be keeping it for the final update, but won't bother to include it in the second update. There was probably one use left after I took this picture, and I'm happy to see it go. Not that it was a bad product, but it didn't do anything amazing.

Olive Hand Moisturising Cream

I'm loving the visible progress on this hand cream. I can't wait to finish it and move on to other hand creams in my collection. 

Glamourflage Halo Helen Facial Cleanser

She's dead Jim! Yay this one is finished too! I do miss the lovely apple scent, but I am also enjoying trying out a new cleanser.

Bonjour Jolie Natural Cherry Lip Balm

Ok so this was a bad way of measuring this. I know a bunch of it has gone, but it's not easily visible. Ummmm, some photo editing will be necessary for future updates I think. Live and learn!

And that's the first update. Sorry it's not a lot of writing, but I don't know that I can say much more than "hey look what I've done" at this point.

Until next time ...

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