Sunday, 19 June 2016

May Lust Have It

Kia Ora!

Time for the next installment in the Lust Have It saga! I started a new job this week, so this weekend has been the first time I've been a) at home since I was on holiday before starting my new job, and b) at home during daylight hours because of winter.

I'm excited to show you all what's in the latest Lust Have It, and tell you how this box has inspired me, makeup-wise!

Lust Have It* is a monthly subscription, which costs $19.95 (AUD) plus shipping, and you get 5-6 products/samples. It ships to Australia and New Zealand, and is usually with you by the end of the month - although it often takes a little longer to reach New Zealand.

You can use coupon code IFORAYS1 for $10 off your first box! 

The standard pink bag appeared this month, and these are awesome to use for storage, and as gift bags!

The card with all the details, for those so inclined. 

Razzamatazz Perfectly Matte Opaque Leggings 
RRP: $11.95

Say hello to comfort! The unique Razzamatazz No-Dig waistband gently hugs your waist and moves with your body so you feel [as] good as you look. 

This is an interesting item for a beauty bag. It's pretty cool, because who doesn't need tights - let's be honest. These are perfect for winter, and absolutely perfect for my new job too! I'm not too sure how I'll go with the Avg/Tall pair as I'm usually the Small sizes (side effect of being a short-ass). I'll give these a go, but hopefully they won't be too long and will be useful this winter.   

Urban Skincare Co. Daily Body Cleanser
RRP: ??

Mystery Item: Curated by your Lust Have It team. Discover something beautiful with this range of skin care items. You'll receive a premium skin care deluxe sample handpicked by the Lust Have It team. 

I love this brand, and haven't seen it in New Zealand, so I'm really happy with this mystery item. It's basically a body wash, and I love the natural, herbal scent. I've used their body lotion before and loved it. I do think this mystery item business is clearly a way to get rid of excess stock at their warehouse, but I'm happy with what I received so no complaints here! 

PHR Recovery Leave-In Moisturiser 15ml
RRP: $4.31

Uniquely rich natural leave-in moisturiser designed to seal in hydration and help protect hair against damage from heat styling appliances. It renews brittle hair and leaves hair beautiful looking, full of lustre and bounce. It feeds the hair with essential vitamin and proteins to maintain health and shine. Seals in hydration and helps protect hair against damage from heat styling appliances. 

This is a pretty generous sample, especially since I have thin hair and will be able to use this 5+ times. It's a thick white cream, and smells like coconut. My hair immediately appeared softer, stronger, and healthier. I've only used it once so far, so can't speak about longer-term effects, but so far so good!    

Lollipops Baume Grenadine
RRP: $7.45

Creamy lip balm and rich in shea butter, oil, macademia and vitamin E, with restorative and nourishing properties while gentle on the lips. Red shiny finish with irresistible sweet smell.  

This sort of product reminds me of the play makeup little girls are given when they are about 10. Honestly, this makes me cringe a little. It feels cheap, the stuff inside the tube is more of a tacky gloss than a balm, and the smell is sickly sweet. I'm going to give this to a young cousin, as I won't be using it. I think this product missed the mark.

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen
RRP: $20

A staple product for every makeup lover, this felt tipped pen makes it impeccably easy to create flawless eye lines of any variety. Whether daily, nightly, or anytime in between, Starlooks Eye Liner Pen enhances all eye colours, shapes, and sizes with its exclusive, incomparable Pro formula!

I've never tried an eyeliner felt pen before, and I've heard good things about the Starlooks brand. It went on smoothly for the swatch, and I'll be testing it out properly during the week - I now have to wear makeup for work so am attempting to try out new products and have a bit of a play. This is perfect for that, and looks easy enough for a noob like me to be able to use it easily.   

Swatches: Starlooks eye liner, Lollipops Baume Grenadine, Teez Cosmetics Eyeshadow - Vanilla Sunbam

Teez Cosmetics Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow
RRP: $29

Curious array of intensely, eye-catching hues, add intrigue to any outfit. Some are double changeant, others are triple. They're all exquisitely crafted finishes from shimmering to metallic to high gloss. In a kaleidoscope of sublime colours with staying power. The effect? Luminescent. (Literally!) Including Argan Oil with anti-aging properties to moisturize your skin for a smooth texture. Don't miss this bit of velvety bliss for outrageous on-trend eyes. 

This is one spectacular eyeshadow! I received the colour Vanilla Sunbeam, and it's beautiful! It applies nicely, is super soft, and blends well. The staying power isn't amazing, and for other glasses wearers - beware the glitter fallout over the inside of your lenses! I love this colour though, and it fits perfectly with the neutral shades I wear for work. It adds something a bit funky, and I'm really grateful to have received this from Lust Have It!  

Total value of the box: $72.71

This is one of the best boxes I've received in awhile. I love most of the things in the box - and it's really encouraging me to try out makeup outside of my comfort zone. Other than the tacky lip gloss, I'll use every single item!

What do you think of this box? Do you get Lust Have It? If you don't, don't forget to use coupon code IFORAYS1 for $10 off your first box!

Until next time ...

 *PR sample and affiliate links.

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