Friday, 20 June 2014

Violet Box New Zealand - June 2014

Kia Ora!

This month's Violet Box was a complete surprise (I've been busy taking care of my SO who is recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction) and it was great to get it in the mail today!
I was surprised to see no actual 'box' but just the products in a cushion of violet paper. I'm quite happy not getting a box, as I have far too many as is, and struggle to use them. 

After removing the card, the products look great hidden within the strands of paper. I can't wait to see what's hiding in there. 

Onwards, to the products!

Red Carpet Kolour
According to the card this is an all-over body lotion that gives a luminous glow. I'm not sure that this tiny sample will give any idea of whether it works or not but I'll give it a shot. No reason not to. 
Unfortunately my colour is in Medium, and I'm generally very pale so I think this will not work out very well - except for humorous purposes!
RRP: $ 54.95 (full size 150ml)
Sample size (unknown but looks like 3-5ml): $1.00-$1.70

John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Super Wrinkle Cream
A night cream!! Hallelujah! I've been desperate for a night cream in a box (because God forbid I have to go out and buy my own). I've already tried this (I know it's daytime, shhhh), and love it. Lovely and thick, with a nice scent and it sinks in really well with very little greasiness left. I'm looking forward to using this.
RRP: $29.95 (full size 50g)
Sample size (20ml): $11.98

StyleSign Sleek Perfection
This sample is of a heat protectant when using a hair straightner. My hair is super dead straight and I hardly ever do anything other than simple ponytails so I'll probably use this rarely, if at all. So although it may be a lovely product I think it will go straight in the re-gifting basket.
RRP: $26.95 (full size 100ml)
Sample size (20ml): $5.39

John Plunkett Glyco Peel
This looks like an interesting product that I haven't seen before. It's a night time, leave on exfoliator. I'll be happy to give it a go and see what it is like. I love getting products like this as for me this is what subscription boxes are about, weird and wonderful things you would never otherwise try. 
RRP: $ 29.95
Full size

Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad - Madrid
I'm very excited with this one. I've recently started using eyeshadow (and quickly realised I need to buy some reliable brushes and recommendations would be welcome), and I love these colours. I'm mostly into nude type colours so this quad looks like it will be great fun to play with. The shadows are quite soft and look like they have good pigmentation but I'll have to see how it work on the eyes. I'm very happy with this product.
The colours I got are called Starlet (upper left), Risky Business (upper right), Birthday Suit (bottom right), Tempted (bottom left).
RRP: $ 22.50 
Full size. 

Chella Brow Pencil
I saw that the Australian version of the box got this pencil for June too and was quite keen to give it a go. I'm happy to see it in the box for us Kiwis too! I've got very blonde eyebrows so it might  be a bit too dark for me, but we'll have to see. 
RRP: $22
Full size

Swatches of the eyeshadow quad and the eyebrow pencil. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with this box. It is certainly doing wonders for my makeup collection! Not that what I had prior to subscription boxes could be called a collection, more like a random assortment of things I didn't use. I'm going to enjoy trying out this months assortment of products!

Until next time ...

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