Friday, 6 June 2014

My first empties blog!

Kia Ora!

I see lots of these types of blogs or videos and thought I would give it a go myself. If only as a way of keeping a record of products I've used up. 

MOR Hand Cream - Basil and Grape, Black Current Iris
While both of these sachets were foil packet samples, I really enjoyed them. The cream inside didn't dry out after the first use and I managed to get 6-7 uses out of each packet. This makes me really happy (especially since I have a bunch of other samples waiting to be used)!

The scents were delicious, if somewhat strange. I like the Basil and Grape, as the grape was the overpowering scent. The Black Current Iris one is nice, but a bit flowery for my individual taste. 

The hand cream itself is divine!! If I hadn't just received a bunch of hand creams in recent Goodieboxes, I would run out and buy these immediately. The cream sinks in quite fast and my hands are noticeably smoother and softer. I love everything about this product :)


Timeless Truth Stem Cell Extract Mask
This was my first experience with a proper face mask, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It was a cold and unpleasant experience getting the mask on my face, but it felt better once the mask warmed up a bit. It smelt, ok I suppose. Nothing special but not noxious either. The excess product kept dripping down my chin but otherwise not a totally unpleasant experience. 

The after effects of the mask were fantastic! My skin was so soft and smooth, and supremely moisturised. I really love that feeling, so I'll put up with the slight feeling of being uncomfortable for that. Overall a good experience, one which I will repeat :)


Angel En Provence - Helichrysum for dry/damaged hair
I'm completely head over heels for this shampoo/conditioner combo. Fell in love and went straight out to blow an absurd amount of money on the full size products. My split ends become non-existent when I use this product, along with instant shine and my hair is wonderfully soft. 
Everyone should try this. Although it is very expensive, it is worth it. 


Eleven - Miracle Hair Treatment
I got this in April's Goodiebox (I think) and wasn't super impressed at the time. The bottle was tiny and there didn't seem to be much product in it. However I did get 6-7 uses from the bottle as you only need a small amount of product. 
It smelled like coconut, which was lovely. However, it didn't seem to do much else for my hair. It wasn't bad or anything, just not as impressive as other products I've tried before. 


Adorn - Shade: Quartz
I haven't finished this at all, I'm just never going to use it. Please see the comments in my Violet Box review for more info, but I'm essentially throwing this away because I can't use it. Nothing wrong with it per say, just a useless product in the hands of a newbie to makeup. 


Dr Lewinn's Skin Perfect Primer and Foundation
These samples were an interesting addition to my 'fun things to try out' pile. I really enjoyed the primer, loving the way it made my BB cream easier to put on and having a noticeable difference in overall appearance of the makeup. It also kept my skin moisturised more than it would be on other days.

 However the foundation was awful. It could be just that I don't normally wear foundation and so I found it very heavy, or that the colour was wrong, or a number of other things. However I thought it looked orange on my skin, making it very obvious that I was wearing heavy makeup. I'm a big fan of light makeup (mostly using a BB cream, occasionally with powder on top), so this wasn't a good fit for me.

I'm not going to rush out and get any, but the primer is most certainly something to think about. 

Primer: 7/10
Foundation: 3/10

Clean and Clear - Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Scrub
I really like this exfoliant. The beads are a great size, and do a wonderful job of cleaning the yuckies off my face. They also make me feel more awake in the morning. I'm glad I have another one of these spare because I don't know how I'd fully wake up before work otherwise (there is coffee of course, but I'm trying to stay away). 
I'm not sure how much it works on oily skin, as I have combination/normal but my skin feels lovely and clean after use. I did get this free at a Chicks at the Flicks last year so I didn't choose it specifically, but I would continue to use this in the future and possibly buy this one or one in the range. 


Well there we go, an empties. I'm quite pleased to have done this, as it helps to reflect on the product after use and decide whether it really has a place in my life. I feel a bit like I should say something profound here, but can't really think of anything that would fit. 

These are only my opinions, and from a newbie to all things makeup/skincare no less. Therefore, if anyone has any advice or thoughts, please feel free to share. 

Until next time ...

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