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Black Box from Sample Co - June 2014

Kia Ora!

This blog post is a little different. I received a box in the mail today, but not one I had to pay for. It's a new concept (for me at least) where full size products are sent out in a method called 'in-home marketing.' I'm very excited because it means I get to try lovely new products :)

The deal with getting all this free stuff is that you are required to fill out a survey/review of each product. I've always been keen on doing this sort of thing so I'm quite happy to invest my time like this. It also gives me a better idea of some products out there that wouldn't necessarily fit in the weekly budget if the only reason to buy was curiosity. 

In order to give a vague idea of the value of each product I've provided an RRP, however take those with a grain of salt. I sourced them from an online supermarket website, and they may vary or be totally wrong. 

I had already seen pictures on Facebook but opening up the box was still very exciting, and seeing all the wonderful things inside. I don't think I've tried many (if any) of these products, so I'm very excited to give them all a go!

Bach Espresso: For the Working Bee - Strong Roast
I don't indulge often in coffee, mostly because I don't want to become too dependent on caffeine, but this one smells divine! It is also New Zealand made which is great! I'll need to hunt out the plunger so I can give this a go before work in the morning.
RRP: $8.69

CookieTime Nut, Seed, and Honey Breakfast Cookie
This cookie looks delicious. The packet suggests toasting it and enjoying with yoghurt or milk. I'm quite keen and I think this will be the second part of breakfast tomorrow (or a late night snack tonight).
There is more information on these cookies here.
RRP: $2.40

Schwarzkopf Dry Oil Mist Smooth and Shine
I've never even heard of anything like this before. I tend to avoid this aisle at the supermarket because it has all the expensive items in it. I'll have to see if it's any good. The smell is average, not awful but not as wonderful as other hair products I've received lately (I'm thinking of the Cedel hairspray from the HFB). I'll be putting this to the test over the next couple of weeks though. 

Good Health Magnesium Ultra
This is a sample of the magnesium vitamins. There are 10 tablets and you are supposed to take one per day so that is a reasonable period of time to try out the product. I'm unsure about trying this one as I'm not a huge fan of vitamins. I'll take Vitamin C occasionally but that's about it. The packet doesn't really go into what it is for other than stating it is for muscles, tension and stress, and sleep. I'll give these a go, but it is with reluctance as I don't feel I have enough information.
RRP: $15.00 (couldn't find this brand so have guesstimated based on other similar ones).

Watties Squeeze and Stir Soup - Spicy Pumpkin and Vine Ripened Tomato
I like these little soups, but they don't often fit in the budget. I'm really happy to have the tomato one, but the pumpkin one will be passed along to my better half I think. 
RRP: $1.49 each

Schick Hydro Silk Razor
I've been eking out the final days of my last razor cartridge for about a month, so it is a timely addition to receive this. I've never used this brand before but I'm excited to have a razor that isn't blunt. 
RRP: $9.99

Step Out La Mode Leggings
I've never bought clothing from the supermarket before. I've always been a little scared. I'm not sure how these will go as I generally don't wear tights like this (and secretly think of them as being for old ladies). The other problem with this product is that I was sent an extra tall, when I'm  very short. I think they will look ridiculous but I'll give them a go (after all this is what the whole box is about right?). At the very least someone will get a laugh!
RRP: $9.90

Eco Store Lemongrass Soap
This soap smells fantastic!! I keep pulling it out of the box and inhaling deeply. I'm looking forward to using this in the shower. Even though there are several 'in use' soaps and body washes that are currently in there. Oh well, here's one more!
RRP: $2.50

Dial AntiOxidant Body Wash - Cranberry and AntiOxidant Pearls
Yay, another one to add to the shower collection! I've never used, or heard of, Dial before. It smells pretty good, but most body washes do. I'll withhold judgement until I've used it a few times.
RRP: $5.99

Colgate Optic White x2
According to the email today, there are two of these so we can share with a friend. And we should compare teeth presently to teeth after 3 weeks of use. Sounds like an interesting challenge, and I'll always welcome some new toothpaste! I don't know whether this whitening guff holds any weight, but I guess I'll find out over the next few weeks.
RRP: $8.00

Ti Tonics - Mango and Nectarine
I'm a tea fanatic so I'm very excited to try these. I'll have to keep an eye on how much sugar is in each bottle (as I'm not supposed to have too much), but I'm very excited to try these two beverages. I love other bottled teas so I'm excited to compare these, and the flavours sound great. 
RRP: $3.00 each

Healtheries - Green Tea with Blueberry
MORE TEA!! I am very happy to get this (although I don't really have room on my 'tea shelf' in the pantry, but there is no such thing as too much tea. I don't have any green tea, as I generally prefer flavoured black tea. I made a cup almost immedietly and am enjoying it as I write. It is a change, with less depth or strength than black tea, and I'm not sure I can taste the blueberry. But I like it, and it is probably a good thing to drink before bed.
RRP: $3.79

Hubbards Toasted Muesli - Pomegranate and Blueberry
Ohhhh no. How am I going to choose between this and the cookie for breakfast tomorrow? Perhaps I'll have to skip dinner tonight and substitute cereal instead?! This looks delicious, and muesli is one of my favourite things to eat in the morning. I'm a very happy girl with this to look forward to!
RRP: $6.69

Kleenex Tissues 
This tube is so cute and I'm loving the design! It's so bright which is nice since it has been so dark and rainy lately. Tissues are always useful to have, and although I don't think I've tried Kleenex (as I normally buy the cheapest) I'm stoked to have some for the perils of winter. 
RRP: $1.99

Phew, well there you have it. An amazing haul which I'm excited to start trying. I might have to save some for when my better half gets back from his work trip on Friday, but it's looking to be a delicious few weeks. Thanks SampleCo. 

If anyone wants to sign up go to and all the information is there. 

Until next time ...

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