Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shopping Haul - Farmers, T2, The Body Shop, Dotti

Kia Ora!

After grappling with my self-control in August and attempting a no-spend, I went a little crazy with shopping this month. Some of this haul is justified, but most of it isn't or has very tenuous justifications. I'm gonna roll with it, and embrace the new things. I love new things, who doesn't!

First off: FARMERS

Freeman face masks

I love masks, and I've been eyeing these ones up for a while. I can't wait to try them out, and since there seems to be enough product for two uses I've convinced my SO to try them out with me! Perfect bonding time (just don't tell him I told the internet or I'll get in trouble).

RRP: $3.50

Formula 10.0.6 (?)

I think that's the right brand name. This was on a 'buy two get one free' sale, so I thought I would grab a few different ones. These do have two seperate sachets in each pack so there are 6 masks here. One guess what my latest obsession is? 

RRP: $3.99 each (not on sale)

Can't remember what brand sweatshirt this is

This was on the sale rack for $10 and I couldn't resist. It is really comfy, and I love the colour! The sleeves are 3/4 and the sequins make it seem like I know something about fashion (total lie). I really like this sweatshirt, and it is the perfect one for spring, as it isn't super warm but will be great for slightly cooler weather. I've worn it a few times already, and other than my hair getting caught in the sequins, it is great!

RRP: $10 - down from $70

Moving on to T2.

I had tried a sample of the Chai Black Tea is my Allsorts box, and I loved it. I absolutely had to have the full size, and now it is a part of my collection. It is a delicious tea, with the perfect blend of spices. It tastes exactly like a good chai latte from a cafe, and I can make it at home! Win!

I also bought Irish Breakfast tea. This was a bit of an impulse buy because there was a promotion going on, where if you bought a breakfast tea you got a free tin and magnet. So now I have a wonderfully dark and stout breakfast tea, perfect for waking up to in the morning, and a tin to keep it fresh. 

I was also given a sample of the Spi Chai as a decaffeinated alternative. I have been enjoying black tea throughout the day, but an entire pot late at night isn't a great idea if I plan on sleeping. I ended up staying up until 4am one night before I learnt this lesson. The next investments will be some herbal teas for nighttime. 

The next shop on the list was The Body Shop.

Vanilla Body Spray

I love smelling good (who doesn't), and the Body Shop caters for exactly this. I wasn't aware of their body spray range, and vanilla seemed like an innocuous way to begin a [potential] collection. I really like this spray, as it wafts the subtle scent of vanilla. It isn't strong smelling for very long, and needs reapplication, but I really love the scent!

Pomegranate and Raspberry Room, Linen, and Body Spray

Berries are some of my favourite fruits, and if I can't eat them then I want to smell like them. This is such a great spray, and perfect for every situation. It has a strong raspberry scent that permeates a room, or smells great on the skin. I have been wearing this every day and ignoring any other scent. I just can't get enough. I know that liking a scent is an individualised process, but everyone should go and check this one out!

Since I went in on a sale/promotion day I got a free gift. You had to spend $85 to get it. I know that the two sprays aren't $85 worth but the other items I got are for Christmas presents so I'm not going to put them on the blog (just in case Mum reads this). The gift I  got was this beautiful tin, which has the Honey Body Butter and Wild Rose Hand Cream  in it. I haven't opened either yet as I don't need to use them right now, and I haven't decided if they will be presents or for me. But what a great gift!

The last shop I hit was Dotti. Both shirts were $10 because I like cheap if I can  get it.

I can't really say much about these, they are fairly basic t-shirts. As we are headed into summer they seem like a good investement, particularly as my go-to outfit is a variation of t-shirt and jeans. They are lightweight, and very comfy. There were a whole lot of patterns but these two appealed to me. They are very light, and I'm going to have to invest in a nude bra for the dotted one, but I love the shirt otherwise.

Right, so there's my most recent haul. I hope you enjoyed it! I love seeing other people's hauls, as I have ideas of what new products or exciting things are out there. What do you guys think of haul posts?

Until next time ...

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