Monday, 22 September 2014

Masked Madness #1

Kia Ora!

Here it is, the first installment of a brand new blog series. It's all about different masks I've been using, how they work, and if they do any good at all. 

I've recently become quite enamoured with masks in the last month or so. Sheet, mud, or anything else I can smear on my face. I'll post up these mask posts every so often, pretty much every time I accumulate enough. I'm not going to commit to monthly, but these will pop up every so often. 

On to the masks!

Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches

I received this as a gift, so I have no idea of the brand or anything. It was two little patches that stick under your eyes. It was quite odd that something sticky could actually be beneficial, but these patches are really awesome. They fit really well under my eyes, and go halfway down my cheeks. After leaving them on for about 30 minutes, my puffy under-eyes were smooth and calm.

Highly recommend! Would use again.

SLC Effects Plus Repair and Waterdrop sheet mask

These masks were really nice to use. I received them in my Mask Memebox. The sheet had plenty of cuts around the edges and was able to fit my face well. They both smelt nice, a little bit fruity? I'm rubbish at describing scents so I'll just leave it at that. Both masks had a slight cooling effect, despite being used in a room with the heat pump blasting. My skin felt a bit tight as I used the mask, but in a good way. 

There was plenty of essence in the mask. It sunk into my skin quite well, leaving it very hydrated. The essence didn't soak in totally and my skin was a little sticky after the removal of the mask, but I'm totally fine with that. I really liked these masks, and am glad I still have one left to use!

Recommended. Will buy if possible. 

Purederm Yoon-an Herb Mask

This mask was a gift, but I think it was in one of this years Memeboxes. This one also had plenty of slits, and was really great at conforming to the contours of my face. It felt really lovely on my face, with a slight cooling effect, and tightening. It felt very hydrating though, and I loved the herb scent that it had.

My skin felt ah-may-zing after using this one. The essence sunk into my skin within 5 minutes, and left minimal stickiness. I also noticed that it left my skin glowing, literally glowing, for the next day or two. It was only slight, but it was there. [Sidebar: My SO disputes the use of the word literally in this context. He states that unless the product was radioactive, or I could use my face as a lightbulb, then it was NOT glowing. I disagree.]

Highly recommended. Can't wait to use again.

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque

This one I received in a Violet Box. I normally have a bit of an issue with foil packets but this one was the perfect size for one mask application. It had the texture of smooth mud, and was quite thick on application. It smelt ok, not great but not awful.

This mask pulled out all the toxins in my skin. That was great for the first day, but then I got a massive breakout of pimples and blackheads. I haven't tried a mask like this before so can't really say if it's this type of mask, or this product in particular. As I try out more masks I'll be able to say with certainty.

Meh. Ok to use in a pinch.

Sua Young Berristure

This one I got in the Masks Memebox as well. It smells so good. I love berries anyway, and was so excited to smear this all over my face. The texture is quite jelly-like, but it melts a little with the warmth of skin contact. This freaked me out a little as I thought it might melt off my face, but it was fine. It doesn't take much product for a mask so this tub will last quite awhile. It left my skin a bit dry, so it wasn't ideal but it still felt good.

Would use again, with moisturiser to follow.
Look out for a separate review on this mask.

Well I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Masked Madness. Any questions or comments, hit me up in the comments.

Until next time ...

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