Thursday, 2 October 2014

Empties - September 2014

Kia Ora! 

It's time to investigate the trash I've accumulated over the month. What fun! 

In all seriousness I love these types of posts/videos. I watch a bunch on YouTube, and it gives you a more realistic impression of products if people have finished them. Hopefully, you enjoy reading through mine.


Dr Lewinn's Gentle Facial Cleanser

This is a good solid cleanser. I like it, and it does a decent job of cleaning the crap off of my face. That being said, I don't wear makeup very often, and the few times I have this cleanser wasn't particularly helpful in removing it.

I really like the cream formula, and the subtle apricot and aloe scent. I won't be repurchasing this product because of the price, but if I receive some more I won't be unhappy. This bottle did last a little over 2 months (I got it in a Goodiebox), so it might be worth the price for some people.

Repurchase: No

Za Dewy Effect Creamy Gel

I love this moisturiser. I think it was in a Chicks at the Flicks goodiebag (sometime last year if I remember correctly - cringe), and it is awesome! It is a gel consistency, and sinks in to the skin really well. It does leave your face shiny for a little until it sinks in properly, but given time it makes your skin so soft and plump. I was sad that this ran out, and will be on the lookout for some more!

Repurchase: Heck yes!

Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera Super Cream

This was a tiny sample, but still managed to last me a few weeks. It was a very thick white cream, that had a fresh garden scent, and was fantastic! I was using this as a night cream, and it made my face feel so wonderful. In the morning my skin was soft and still felt really clean. I am on the lookout for this cream, and will probably order it from Korea at some point in the near future. I can't  recommend it enough!

Repurchase: YES!

L'Oreal Elvive Argenine Resist

This duo was great. I received them from Beauty Review for trial and loved them. In combination they left my hair stronger, shinier, and in much better overall condition. The product smelt lovely, the shampoo frothed up as it should, and the conditioner left my hair full of moisture. I loved using them, and found it difficult to go back to cheaper shampoos after they were finished. My hair looked great after using them.

Repurchase: On the list.

MOR Handcream Argan Oil

Another Goodiebox winner. I am in love with this formula of handcream. Nothing else I've ever used has left my hands quite so hydrated and soft. I was applying this once a day, and my hands were noticeably less dry, and much softer. I don't have many hand issues, so this was purely for the joy of applying more beauty products to my skin, but I would recommend this cream to anyone. The scent is rather boring, but it grows on you, and I was willing to accept that because the formula was so good.

Repurchase: Yes.

Swisspers Makeup Pads

I love these. I'm nearly finished yet another packet of these, and they are great. Very solid. They also appeared in last months Empties post. I don't know what else to say about such a basic product.

Repurchase: Already done.

Dr Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream

I think this was from the Goodiebox Birthday Box. It smells so great, very herby but not in a gross way. It was a thick yellow cream and it sunk into my feet, leaving them soft and smooth by morning. My SO rubbed this in, and nearly got kicked in the face. I have extremely ticklish feet, and this product is just not a good idea for me. So although I think it is probably a good product, I'm just not a fan.

Repurchase: No.

Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum

I think I actually cried when this was empty. I got it in a Violet Box, and am so thankful I did. This serum was delicious, smelt wonderful, and made my skin look great. It sunk in very quickly, brightened my skin and even did something to my disgusting blackheads. I managed to make 5mls last for about a month, so a little goes a long way. If you get the chance, try this out, you won't regret it!

Repurchase: In a heartbeat (if the price was a little more affordable).

John Plunkett Super Wrinkle Cream

This one is from Violet Box, and I really enjoyed it. It was my first night cream, and is a solid product. It had a thick yellow/white cream that left my face feeling moisturised and hydrated. It wasn't as good as the Holika Holika cream, but is probably slightly more accessible here in New Zealand.

Repurchase: Yes.


There we go, another bag of rubbish I can stop hoarding and throw in the bin. Most of the products were from subscription boxes, and I know I was counting down on finishing some of them. This wasn't because they were bad products, in fact most of this month's products were outstanding, but simply because I was bored and wanted to play with something else. 

Any thoughts from rogue strangers out there? Let me know what they are!

Until next time ...

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