Friday, 24 October 2014

ibelivyu Cube Sparkling Lemon Sugar Scrub Review

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I'm a terrible person, and forgot to post on the blog yesterday. I've just finished my first week as a full-time working person (and have been totally shattered all week), but I feel terrible. I was supposed to write about Lust Have It, but I haven't even opened that yet. Instead, here's a review of something I got in a Memebox awhile ago. Enjoy!!

I received this scrub in the Memebox Birthday Box and absolutely love it. I haven't seen much about this brand so thought a review might be in order.

It comes in a glass tube with a cork stopper. I love the packaging, I think it is adorable and also quite classy. It looks rather scientific, which is reassuring that a beauty product won't unduly harm your skin.

There are 7 cubes in total in the tube, and I found that half a cube is enough for one use, which prolongs the use of the product. I have only been using these about once a week, as more frequent exfoliation can be detrimental to the health of your skin. You can exfoliate a couple of times a week (with normal/combination skin), but every day will leave your skin rough and dry.

How to use this scrub: 
First of all take the cube, in the palm of your hand. 
I have found that you should do this before a shower, and you should take off your clothes first! One time I didn't and proceeded to get a sticky mess of lemon exfoliant all over my clothes while attempting to take them off with one hand. Naked = better, in this case. 

Next split the cube in two. This is optional, and depends on your use of the product and the size of your face.

Then crumble the cube in your hand.

It should be all crumbly as this makes it easier to wet, and put on your face.

Run your other hand under the tap, and then drip some water onto the scrub. Less is best to start with, as it is way too easy to make it too wet. Just dribble a few drops at a time until it is the desired consistency.

Mix it around until it is all wet and then apply to your face.

Scrub your face, and then wash it off. I find it easiest to do this in the shower, but you can do it over the sink if you prefer.

The granules are larger in this scrub, but not too big or scratchy. If you feel that your skin is sore when using this, add a bit more water and that should help. I had a few issues until I figured out that adding more water (once it was on my face) made it easier and less painful.

I have found that I get a great result from this scrub. My skin is lovely and soft after use, and it stays that way for a couple of days at least. I've also noticed that my blackheads clear up a little bit immediately afterwards and don't look so horrid.

Hopefully this review was vaguely informative about a lesser well-known product. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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