Monday, 6 October 2014

Goodiebox - September 2014

Kia Ora!

It's that time of month again. No, not that time, but Goodiebox time! I have been caught up in a Memebox whirlwind, and sort of forgot this was due (sorry Goodiebox), but it made for a nice surprise to see it sitting there.

Looking good, as always.

Turns out the theme this month is Purely Whimsical, which could be very interesting!

Glamourflage Lavish Lara Powder Puff

Ummmm, I'm not entirely sure about what this does. I patted it on my face to see how it felt, and unknowingly glitter-bombed myself. Turns out there is a heck of a lot of glitter inside. I really should have read the card first, where it is described as fairy dust for adults. I'm going to say this is probably not my thing, but it is cool and a bit different.

RRP: $29.95
Full size.

Jelly Belly Sports Beans

Goodiebox have brought back their Lifestyle sectioin, which is awesome. I like getting these products as they provide something a bit different and you generally get to try a product that is outside of your usual purchases. Glad to see this back!

I love Jelly Belly beans, and am excited to try these out. These taste like Vitamin C, and feel like they have lots of sugar, just like normal jelly beans. I'm eating one now, so not sure about the energy input yet, but I'm sure they will give your body a bit of a jump. I think these could be good for sports people, or before exercise.

RRP: $3
Full size.

Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish and Styleproofed Nail Polish

This brand seems to be appearing in Goodiebox a lot recently. I have enjoyed their lip creams and lip gloss that we got in boxes a few months ago, and really do like this brand. The only downside is that I can't seem to find it easily in New Zealand. I'm excited to have these nail polishes, and the colours are really neat!

RRP: $ 13 each
Full size.

MOR Orange Blossom Body Cream

The card says I'm supposed to have a bath and shower gel, but a body lotion works for me too. This is a great travel size, and I'm sure I'll need it this summer. I love MOR, and am happy to have this delicious smelling lotion.

RRP: $7
Full size.

Miss Sporty Lipgloss -Ladies Night

I don't know how I feel about the packaging of this product. It took about 5 minutes of winding before the lipgloss was accessible via the brush, and it isn't that easy to apply well with the brush. That being said, I love the colour, and the gloss itself is smooth, not too sticky, and moisturising. It also smells sweet, and tastes rather nice.

RRP: $10

Manhattan Pastel Pretties Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Again with the same brand. Hmmmm. This is a beautiful light blue colour. I don't own anything other than black in eyeliners and am excited to give this a go. It feels very smooth and is so far easy to apply.

RRP: $14

I've mixed it up and put the card at the end.


Total value of the box: $89.95.

Perhaps I've been spoiled by Memeboxes recently, but I'm not that excited about this box overall. Some of the products looks really good (lipgloss, lotion) but the rest is stuff I'm just not that interested in. I'm especially disapointed by the powder puff glitter thing, which I think is possibly the strangest thing I've received in a Goodiebox so far. I know that this box is makeup heavy, but I'm not excited by it. Perhaps some makeup junkies out there will be more excited about their box. 

Did anyone get anything different? What did you think of the box?

Until next time ...

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