Thursday, 9 April 2015

Empties March 2015

Kia Ora!

I love doing posts about the products I've used up, as I usually have a reasonable idea of what the product is like and if I like it (or not). Hopefully my thoughts are helpful to other people too. There are quite a few things this month, so I had better get started. There's also a couple of men's products that my SO used up, so he will do some mini-guest posting to tell you about those.

TEA! These are all samples from T2, and I loved them all. The Toffee and Ginger ones were delicious, great if you want to try something a bit different. Melbourne Breakfast is a vanilla flavoured black tea, and I have a full size at home. The Turkish Apple one was nice too, but more of a fruit tisane than a tea. All highly recommended, and I think you can pick them up in the sampler boxes that T2 have started doing.

More tea!! This is the Healtheries Hawkes Bay Nectarine tea, and I loved it. I drank this before bed mostly. I don't like to have too much caffeine before attempting sleep, so I like to have some fruit tea or green tea on hand for late at night. This one was delicious and tasted exactly like nectarines. Sometimes fruit teas smell great but taste quite bland, but not this one. The scent and the taste are fantastic, and I'll happily buy this one again.

These three were part of my Project Pan, so check out the first and second posts if you want to see more information about these products.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Refill Instant Hair Filling Serum

I really loved using this serum. It was effective at thickening and strengthening my hair, and I enjoyed using it. I got it in the first BRBB (Beauty Review Beauty Box) and will be repurchasing it in the future!

Repurchase: Yes!

Deweytree Teatree Porest Powder in Toner

Once again a really nice product. It smelt lovely, and my skin loved it. There was a bit of a breakout on my face after this bottle ran out (and the cause of the cutting back in my routine about 6 weeks ago that I mentioned in posts around that time). Because of the difficulty of getting certain things from Korea I won't be repurchasing this, but if I had the chance I would!

Repurchase: On a trip to Korea, yes.

Skinfood Booby Cream

Yet another thing that I love. The scent, the formula, everything is awesome about this product. I love it and can't get enough.

Repurchase: Oh heck yes!

Guest mini-post alert:

Hugo Boss Shower Gel

It smelt nice, and had a nice lather. It smelled a little different than the cologne (stronger and/or sweeter) but the scent washed off ridiculously fast and didn't last after you left the shower. The colour and the smell of this were great, but it was disappointing that it wasn't very big [Louisa: this was a sample size that came in a set with the cologne and after shave].

Repurchase: No, because this is too small and I don't know how much it would cost (it came in a set).

Dove Men +Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash

It didn't lather as nicely as the Hugo Boss one, and didn't smell anywhere near as good. There was a hell of a lot of it, but the bottle was hard to squeeze which made it annoying to get a useful amount of product out. The colour was dark green with little balls in it, indicating it had some kind of scrubbing thing, but it didn't seem to do anything.

Repurchase: No, coz I can't be bothered.

Both products had lids that didn't hold excess water in the shower, even when held under running water. This was impressive compared to some of the similarly packaged shower products that live in our shower.

ibelivyu Purple Flower Hand Cream

This was one of the first Memeboxes I received last year, and I love this brand. This hand cream is more of a gel formulation than a cream, but it is lovely to use. It smelt like flowers (I have no idea which particular kind) and is one of the best moisturising hand creams I've ever used. It took a little bit of time to sink in (less than 5 minutes), but left my hands soft and supple for hours afterwards.

Repurchase: I wish, but I can't find anywhere online that sells this brand. Sad face!

Boscians Cycle Repair Wrinkle Spot

This is another one of the first Memebox products I ever received. This cream was ok, but not really anything special. I used it on my forehead where I have the beginnings of some wrinkles (not many but if you squint really hard) and I thought that the most appropriate place to use it. I did notice that my forehead was plump with repeated use, but nothing major happened.

Repurchase: Nope, too meh for me.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This is one of my favourite masks to use when my skin is freaking out a bit. It is a green, minty, clay-based mask. It is a bit burn-y occasionally, but I can deal with that (for those with sensitive skin this is a bit of a warning though). This is one of the most popular products from iherb, in my opinion, and I can see why. This mask does a great job with blemishes and minor skin issues, and I will always keep a bottle in my cupboard for if it is needed.

Repurchase: I already have!

Kocostar face spot mirror patch

These were in the box of Memebox products I was gifted by a friend. I love these! When my skin was freaking out awhile back, I used these on individual breakouts, and they worked wonders! I applied them overnight (after cleanser, but with no moisturiser/essence/serum/ampoule on the affected spot), and in the morning the redness and pain had significantly lessened, and the crap stuck in the pore was closer to the surface. I'm grateful to have these, and will use them to help blemishes from now on.

Repurchase: Probably, but I have quite a few left for now.

Well there it is, another month of things I've used up. I hope everyone enjoyed the guest post!

Until next time ...

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