Monday, 20 April 2015

Masked Madness #4

Kia Ora!

My note-taking skills for this version of Masked Madness were terrible (read non-existant), so some masks have very little comments as I tried them once and promptly forgot their good and bad points. Sorry guys, I'll try and do better for the next round!

Etude House - Royal Jelly and Snail

Like I said in Masked Madness 3, these are great masks for a cheap price. They have plenty of essence, that soaks in well and leaves skin feeling hydrated.

Innisfree Skin Solution Mask - Wrinkle Care

This mask was great at adhereing to the contours of my face, and would work well across the board. It felt very relaxing on my face, and felt like it had some intense moisturising power. There were some brown spots in the cotton mask, but I thought this might be a feature, or perhaps a more natural makeup of the cotton? I used the mask and nothing bad happened. Other Innisfree masks I've used have had the same type of spot, so I assume it is a feature of the cotton used for the mask.

Clari-T Clarifying Tea Tree Pore Cleansing Strips

I bought these of iHerb awhile ago, and mainly use them with my SO (as he has more blackheads than I do but needs encouragement and support to take care of his skin more). These became very tight on the nose as they dried, but felt quite good to use and had a visible impact upon removal. They do leave behind some paper residue, but this came off easily with a bit of toner. They smell faintly of tea tree oil, which is a nice touch.

Purederm Wrinkle Reducing Gel Patches

I have literally no notes on this. Eek, I shall have to try some more and be more diligent in recording my thoughts.

Black coloured Rice Hydrogel Eye Patch

Both of these products are under-eye patches, and they feel great. I didn't really notice a difference  between them, but they both left under-eyes feeling soft and nourished. I didn't take notes for these, but will on the next time I try them out.

Insobeau Step up Bust Mask

This was a gel mask for breasts. I tried it out overnight (as you are supposed to leave on for 8 hours+. They were quite comfy to start, if not the easiest mask to fit on - which probably has something to do with the many varying sizes of breasts and this trying to be a one size fits all product. I did find that they became bunched and uncomfortable overnight, and very itchy by the time I removed them. Honestly, they seem very gimmicky as I didn't notice any sort of results at all.

Tosowoong Help Me Neck Patch

This was a gel mask also, but it wraps around the front of your neck, in the throat area. I can't say this did a lot, but it was relatively comfortable to wear and felt very luxurious. A bit of a gimmick too I think.

Pure Smile - Pearl

This mask was significantly average, apart from the chemical smell. It went on fine, and there was nothing memorable about the mask, the essence, or the results.

ReinPlatz Blueberry Essence Mask

This was made of very thick cotton and fits well on face, although it was a little large for me. The serum smelt lovely, like sweet summer berries in the sun. It felt so comfy I left it on for an hour. My face wasn't noticeably sticky afterwards, and my skin feet very hydrated. I really want to try and get hold of some more from this brand.

Purederm 'Soo-an'  Moisturising Korean Herb Mask

This mask was lovely! I've been saving it since the successful experience with a similar one - documented in Masked Madness 1. It was a great follow-up, and I've bought a few of these masks (look out for a massive mask haul coming soon).

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

This is one of the best masks I've ever tried. The mask itself is similar to many others, but the essence is fantastic. I always notice a plumping effect, and my skin looks visibly brighter for 1-2 days. I love using Benton products, and highly recommend these masks!

There we go, another episode of the masks I've been using on my face. Has anyone else used any of these masks before?

Until next time ...

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