Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Eat My Lunch - A week of healthy delicious lunches

Kia Ora!

Last week was the first week of a new lunch delivery company with a twist. Eat My Lunch provides a healthy balanced lunch while also providing a lunch to a child in a school who may not have their own lunch. Their 'buy one get one' philosophy has really taken off, and I think it's a wonderful idea. Lunches are $8 each with a $2 delivery fee, and top quality food. The bulk aspect helps cut down on costs, and each lunch has 5 delicious elements.

I ordered a weeks worth to see what the varying options are, and they are displayed below. I really enjoyed getting a weeks worth of delicious and healthy lunches. $50 a week isn't feasible for me going forward,  but I am going to be getting lunch twice a week from now on. Yesterday's was just as delicious as last week's, so the quality seems to be great regardless of when you get a lunch.

The packaging is all recyclable, which is also appealing in an environmental sense. They use small containers, made of cardboard or plastic, and wooden spoons.


This was one of the best lunches I've had in a long time. I normally make-do with leftovers, or buy rubbish food that isn't good for me. This is a a high quality and varied lunch that fills you up, and is healthy. Below is a list of what was in it.

Croissant with ham, cheese, and celery leaves (and mayo?). 
Cherry tomato and cucumber kebabs.
Yoghurt pottle with apple puree. 
Carrot loaf with sunflower seeds. 

This first one disappeared really fast, and I was still peckish afterwards. These lunches are good portion sizes, but if you are used to eating a lot more for one meal then it will take a bit of time to get used to it. Make sure you eat breakfast, and these lunches are perfect. By the end of the week I was more accustomed to the portion sizes, and now a lunch of this size fills me up.


I think this one might have been my favourite for the whole week. The bun and gingerbread man were particularly memorable!

Cheese (cheddar) and crackers - 3.
Gingerbread man.
Carrot and celery sticks.
Bun with roast beef, coleslaw and wholegrain mustard.


Yoghurt with apple puree and blueberries.
Carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes. 
Sticky date mini-loaf.
Finger sandwiches with chicken and avocado.


Yoghurt with kiwifruit. 
Cucumber and capsicum chunks. 
Chocolate mini-muffin. 
Wrap with chicken, carrot, lettuce and mayonnaise.


Cheese (swiss) and crackers - 3. 
Celery and carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes.
Anzac biscuits -2. 
Sausage roll with cumin seeds with tomato sauce. 

I really enjoyed every one of these lunches, and am very impressed with the quality provided. There is always a vege selection, a piece of fruit, something dairy related (yoghurt or cheese), a sweet treat, and the main food choice - which contains meat and carbs of some description.

The quality of every single piece of food within the box has been excellent, and I'm still excited to see what will be coming my way in the next few weeks. This is an excellent way to get a healthy lunch and a welcome alternative to all the greasy, fried lunches that are available on a university campus. The best thing is that children who may not otherwise have lunch are able to have a healthy meal, which impacts their own learning and education.

I highly recommend this new venture to everyone, and will be supporting it myself. (Lunches were paid for with my own money, and I am not affliated with Eat My Lunch).

Until next time ...

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