Sunday, 3 July 2016

Empties April - June 2016

Kia Ora!

Welcome to the first empties post in months! I've been saving up all my trash just for this post - and my fiancé has been threatening to throw everything away before I could write this post. Let's just jump in - there are a lot of things that I'm sad to see go. Check them all out below. There are body scrubs, perfumes, skincare, and body care products. Just about something for everyone. 

Bonjour Jolie Pumpkin Walnut Body Polish
I received this in a Bonjour Jolie box last year. It smelt fantastic, and I love the spices that were added to the scent. I didn't really like the texture of the body polish though - it felt like a very fine sand. It gave a nice scrub, but my hands were basically numb after using it for my whole body.

Bossy Cosmetics Salted Caramel Scrub and Vanilla Whip Topping
This is one of the most delicious scents I've ever used. I grabbed it from Bossy quite sometime ago now, and have been sniffing it frequently - a bit like a junkie I admit but I can't help how good it smells! It's a wonderful scrub product, with the perfect amount of particles - it gives a great deep scrub while also making you smell absolutely delicious. I'm a sucker for anything caramel, so attempted to savour this scrub as much as possible. I'm going to be buying several replacements for this as soon as I can!  

Swisspers Make-up pads
 These appear in most of my recent empties. I love these circular cotton pads for applying toner during my skincare routine, and for removing eye makeup. They are very strong, and don't fall apart at all. They are also very soft, and don't ever scratch my skin (like some of those really cheap ones do). I buy these at Countdown, so they're very easy to access too! 

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Perfume
This is from a couple of years ago, during The Body Shop's Christmas promotions. I love this scent, it's sweet and fruity, and lasts for ages. I used this up over summer, and was quite sad to see the last of it go. I really enjoy the perfumes from The Body Shop, as they smell fantastic and are easy to wear. I have a few other scents to use, but if I see this in store again I'll seriously think about buying some more!

Vanessa Megan Darling Perfume
This was from a Flora and Fauna box last year. It smelled of spices and was a very natural scent. I really enjoyed it, although I think that lots of people who like very sweet scents probably won't enjoy it as much. I really liked the size of this perfume. It's a sample size, but it still lasted me at least a month of every day usage, probably longer to be honest. And it wasn't overwhelmingly large - I struggle with some of my other perfumes as the bottles are huge and I feel like I'll never finish them. This was the perfect size, and a great scent. Once again, once I've used up some of my other perfumes I'll seriously consider repurchasing this one! 

Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizers
Swirly Twirly Gumdrops - Easter Town - This Thing
I am completely obsessed with these hand sanitizers from Fortune Cookie Soap. The scents are fantastic, and so different from each other. I love carrying one of these little bottles in my handbag, having on beside my bed, one in the bathroom, and one on my desk at work. You may have seen my haul of new scents recently. This Thing is from the Spring 2016 box, and smells like fresh cut flowers. Easter Town is from the 12 Days of Christmas set, and smells like sweet vanilla (and something else I can't quite figure out). Swirly Twirly Gumdrops is from the Winter 2015 box, and smells very sweet and like gumdrops! Basically, this is one of my favourite products right now, no matter what the scent!

Bonjour Jolie Organic Lilac Blossoms Lotion
This was a great pot of lotion - it was a thin one but it sank into the skin perfectly! There was no greasy overlay, not leftover product, I loved it. It smelled light, summery, and like lilacs. I loved using this, and would happily grab some more if I could. I received it in a Bonjour Jolie box last year, and they have a great formula! 

Etude House Milk Talk - Chocolate
This is a great body wash - it smells exactly chocolate milkshakes and makes me want to eat it. I actually didn't really get to use this much (which was ok as it was a repurchase anyway), as my fiancé used it all - he's the chocolate fiend in our house. This is a pretty cheap product, I order directly from Etude House in Korea, and love it! I haven't got any more on hand because I have an overload of body wash at the moment, but will be ordering more in the future I'm sure.

Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash
This was in a recent Lust Have It box, and was a reasonable body wash. I'm more of a fan of scented ones, as I love the smells, but this one is good for sensitive skin or people who don't like strong scents. It lathers well, cleans you well, doesn't leave your skin too dried out, and supposedly balances the pH of your skin (I can't actually test that but I'll believe it). Not a bad body wash, just not right for me personally.  

Clarisea Sea Salt Solutions Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant
This was an exfoliant that I received in a Violet Box a looong time ago. It felt like sand, and was a dry powder that you mixed with water before using. I used it in the shower, and tended to mix it with whatever cleanser I was using at the time. It was a great scrub, with very small particles that left my face feeling wonderful.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner
This toner came in a set that I ordered (over a year ago - hangs head in shame at not having used it sooner). I loved this toner. It did dry out my skin quite a bit, but I just used that as an excuse to use thicker moisturisers and more hydrating sprays. It had particles in it - presumably the volcanic part - and would be amazing for acne prone people. It certainly helped dry up my occasional spot. Highly recommended, and I'll be buying more when I can.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
These were ... nice. They were scrubby beads in a thick cream. I felt bad using them though as I know using natural scrubs is actually better for the environment. However, since I had them I decided to try them out. These two little samples lasted for about a month when used together, and would be perfect for traveling.

Dedicated to Nature Soothe Eye Cream
This was from the Beautiful Christmas Advent Calendar 2015, and I loved it! The cream was lightweight, and perfect for patting into the eye area. It left it hydrated, and plump. It also smelled like cucumbers, which I personally loved! This is just a sample size, but it lasted me 3 months or so. I find this size perfect, as larger eye creams are very daunting to get through, and honestly I get sick of them - but this one was fantastic! I've repurchased this one, as well as a different sample of eye cream from Dedicated to Nature.

Phew! This was quite a mega post (and I did throw out some things without putting them in this post - mainly really old things I haven't used in years and thus can't really review). I'm hoping it won't be so long between blog posts now, I have a few book reviews planned for the next couple of weeks. I'm also happy to take requests too if anyone wants to see anything in particular.

Until next time ...