Thursday, 28 August 2014

Violet Box New Zealand - August 2014

Kia Ora!

Look what arrived! Look at it, look at it! Get as excited as I am!!!

Those little purple strands have so much promise, and a lovely lemon-y scent is wafting towards my nose. I know there is a nail polish in there, and a lip gloss (yay spoilers), but I'm very excited to find out what else I've gotten this month.

Appelles Rosemary Body Bar Soap

Aha! I found the source of the delicious smell. I've seen this in a ton of the Australian boxes over the last few months, and have been drooling over this soap. The packaging looks great, and I love to have smelly soaps around. Not only are they eventually useful for that daily activity of washing, but they are quite happy to sit in a drawer and make your clothes smell delicious until they are needed. Really happy to have this one!

RRP: $5.95
Full size

Evelyn Iona Lipgloss - Maple flavour

This was a spoiler on Facebook (which I wasn't super stoked about as the surprise is my favourite part), but I'm happy to have it. It goes on smooth, and feels really great on the lips. It has minimal stickiness and actually feels like a hydrating balm. It also smells really strongly of sweet vanilla, so it is a really nice lipgloss. I got a very light nude colour, which is great coz I will use a nude more than anything else. I've been wearing it for three hours so far and it is still as good as if it was just applied. I think this may be a great lipgloss!

RRP: $20.50
Full size

Strange Beautiful Nail Polish

I'm not a huge nail polish girl, but these colours actually appeal to me. I had planned on passing this on to a friend who is in love with anything nail related, but I'm not sure now. I did try out the nail polish to give a bit of a review, and it is pretty good. It dried really quickly, and one coat made quite an opaque colour on my nails. However it did chip really easily overnight so some extra effort may need to be made in application.

See the bottom of the blog post for some swatches of the lipgloss and the nail polish (in the most awkward hand photo ever).

RRP: $22.00
Full size

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy

I think this is a hand cream. The card is a little vague, but I'm gonna assume it's a hand cream. The tub is cute and tiny, and the butterfly is amazing. I love butterflies, the excessive amount in my apartment attest to this fact.
This tub is sealed, and I've got a backlog of hand creams right now so I'm going to leave it sealed until I need it.

RRP: $18.95 (full size 6 ounces)
Sample size (1/4 ounce): $ ???? I don't understand ounces. Use the metric system people!

Foltene Eyelash Treatment

OMG perfect! I've been dying to receive something for my thin, fragile eyelashes and now I've got something. I've never heard of this brand, but I'm excited to try it out. It just looks like a mascara brush, with clear gel on it. I'll try and do a review after using it for awhile. 

RRP: $20.95
Full size

Swatches of the nail polishes. I love these colours!!! They would be great for autumn.

The small puddle-y looking patch between my thumb and forefinger is the lipgloss. It is hard to see since it is so nude,  but I love it.

The card, with extra details, for anyone interested.


I really like this box. I think I'm excited by every product in here. Yay!! I've been getting so much stuff recently that immediately goes in the re-gift pile, and it is really nice to like, want, and be excited by all the products. Finally, a total winner :)

Total value of the box: $69.40 - not including the hand cream because the non-metric system is too hard to figure out.

Did anyone else get anything different? 

Until next time ...

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