Monday, 25 May 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Soap Box 2015

Kia Ora!

I've been eagerly devouring reviews of the quarterly Fortune Cookie Soap boxes for about a year now, and when I realised that they ship internationally it was just about the best day that month! I pre-ordered the Summer box in March for $34 USD. I've been really excited about getting this box, the anticipation has been extremely high, and now it's finally here! You also get a $10 code for their shop sent to you via email, but shipping is quite pricey so it will have to be a product I really love for me to want to use that.It's a really neat way to promote their shop and all their previous collections though.

The Summer box is Peter Pan themed, and based around the most recent soap collection release by the company.  This collection is called Straight on Till Morning and the box smelled delicious as soon as I opened it!

Look at all those goodies! I can't wait to see what types of products they are, and what their scents are! I love how colourful the box looks with all those blue worms.

Second Star to the Right

First things first. The Fortune Cookie soap that is the rather iconic soap included in every box is so awesome! I love the shades of purple and the glitter. This is scented with crushed berries and mint leaves, with some sparkling pomelo (a fruit sort of like a grapefruit according to Google). It looks and smells fantastic! I'm not a big 'bar' soap user myself, but I might have to make an exception for this delicious soap! I can't get over how pretty it looks.

Mermaid Lagoon - Two Phase Perfume Oil

This perfume oil is so pretty! The picture doesn't really show it, but there are bubbles of green in a clear liquid, and it looks awesome. This is coconut scented (I think), but it's not a scent I'm a big fan of unfortunately. However, I don't want it to go to waste, so I'm going to be giving it away to one lucky reader (along with a few other goodies). Check on my Facebook page for the giveaway!

Tink - OCD Hand Sanitizer

This is green and glittery, and smells like cherries and coconut. It's so awesome. I am taking this to work with me so I can have it sitting on my desk, and use it when I need lovely smelling and clean hands. I'm really happy to have a wee bottle like this.

Kiss - Lip Balm

This tiny lip balm may be the most adorable thing in the box. It's a watermelon scented chap stick, and it feels amazing on the lips. It softens them up, without drying them out. I love it, and with a lip balm this size I might even be able to finish it.

Lost Boys - Whipped Cream

I've seen whipped cream in many of the previous Fortune Cookie Soap boxes, and I've been dying to find out what it's like. Honestly, it's better than I could have ever imagined. Not only does it smell fantastic (of apricots and peaches), but the product sinks into my skin quickly and leaves it the softest I've ever felt it. I truly can't get enough, and if I'm ever going to pay exorbitant shipping fees it will  be on one of these types of products!

The Boy Who Never Grew Up - Salt Scrub

I've been loving my coffee scrub recently, so I'm really excited to have a different type of scrub to try out. I should get 2-3 uses out of this pot, and I can't wait to try it. It is tropical margarita flavoured. All of these products are very tropical flavoured, so I assume Neverland might be located in the Caribbean or the Pacific? It's a neat thought.

The Captain - Steam me up Scotty

I have to assume this is a bath bomb type product, as the card doesn't really say (neither does the website). It smells yummy, and the scent description is magnolias and wild berries with cream. Yum! Unfortunately I don't have a bath, so I might have to include this in the giveaway over on my Facebook page. I'm also curious about the Star Trek reference, perhaps that is a clue to the theme of the next box!

Wendy Bird - Veggie Protein Deodorant

This is such a novel idea! I love that a deodorant is included, and I think it's really innovative. I don't often get to try out American-style push up solid deodorant so I love this even more. It smells really yummy, of apples and other tropical elements, and I love that it's blue! I've been using it every day since I got this box, and I can't say anything bad about it at all!

Lastly, here's the card for those who want to check it out (although there isn't too much more info on there ).

I'm officially in love with this box. It is rather expensive to ship to the other side of the world, but I can't believe how amazing everything smells and the variety of products I received. I'm loving being able to use all of these little samples, and am already getting excited for the next box (which won't be here until August or so).

Don't forget to pop over to my Facebook page for the giveaway. The rules are very simple - like my Facebook page and like the relevant giveaway post! For an extra entry leave a comment on this blog post. I have to restrict entries to New Zealand residents only because of the perfume (sorry international readers - I truly know your pain), but keep an eye out in the future. Giveaway closes a week from now (Monday, June 1 at 7pm).

Until next time ...

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