Thursday, 12 February 2015

Masked Madness #2

Kia Ora!

I've finally found the time to write the second installment of Masked Madness. Mostly these are masks from Memeboxes, and are hard to get hold of again, but I have a plan to do a rather large mask haul later in the year from some of the online Korean beauty shops. Read on for my opinions on these masks. 

Illi Hanbang Bio Mask

This mask came in two pieces, which makes it great for fitting it to individual face shapes. It didn't have any slits as many masks do, but to make up for it the nose piece covered the nose area really well. This mask smelt overwhelming sweet and fruity, and had plenty of essence in the mask. It had a slightly cooling effect. The essence didn't sink in well after the removal of the mask, and left my skin a bit sticky, but it did feel very smooth.

Pure Smile Chocolate Sheet Mask

This mask smelt like chemical chocolate, and this was rather off-putting. I wasn't particularly keen to put it on my face, as the scent was unappealing. The sheet mask was a good fit, apart from around the eyes as the cutout pieces hung down awkwardly and make seeing and blinking difficult. This mask had a cooling/tightening effect and tons of essence. I didn't leave this mask on for long, the bare minimum of 15 minutes because I couldn't stand the smell. After removal there was an overabundance of essence left on my face. Overall, I wouldn't use this one again.

Formula 10.0.6 - Deep down and Detox in Orange and Bergamot

This was a little one use packet I bought from Farmers. It was a good way to try this mask, and the brand overall. This mask is a thick orange clay mask, and smells like citrus and oranges on application. I experienced a burning sensation when using this mask, and washed it off after 15 minutes. The burning lasted for the first 5 minutes, and I'm not sure if this is normal, or if I had a reaction. The mask dried hard and tight on my face, and left my skin very soft and plump afterwards. I have some other masks from this brand, so I'll give them a go and see what happens before perhaps buying a larger size.

Purederm Rice Bran Collagen Mask

This mask was the widest design and the thinnest cotton I've used yet. It had some large slits which made it easy to mould for individuality. It smelled clean, fresh and fruity, with a cooling effect. There wasn't much essence left in the packet but the mask itself was sopping, which was great. The essence does sink in quickly, leaving the mask dry after about 20 minutes, and making the cotton easy to pull off.

Sharashara Black Charcoal Mask

I received this in my Earth and Sea Cosmetics Memebox, and really liked it. I was surprised that the cotton mask was black (exactly like on the packet), but it was saturated in essence with plenty dripping off on application. The mask was too big, and didn't have any slits so it didn't contour very well to my face. There was a slight tingling, and a pleasant tightening as time went on. The mask itself was really soft, and most of the essence was transferred to my skin as the cotton was quite dry on removal. It smells nice with a subtle scent, and left my skin not only feeling plump and clean, but visibly looking plumper!

Well that's it for this edition of Masked Madness. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to comment or ask questions below. I can't wait to repurchase the Sharashara mask as that one was my favourite from this lot.

I'll be popping up the update for my Project Pan over the weekend. It was supposed to be up on Monday, but I've been really really sick all week. Stay tuned for the update!

Until next time ...

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