Thursday, 26 February 2015

Happy Mail Subscription February 2015

Kia Ora!

I've been seeing quite a bit around the blogosphere about this subscription and thought I'd check it out.

Happy Mail is a monthly subscription run by A Beautiful Mess, and includes various cards and postcards, stickers and other stationary items. It is between $15-$20USD, and this depends on the length of time you subscribe for. I've signed up for a 6 month subscription, and I'm really excited for all the awesome stationary I'm going to have to play with.

This subscription is only $2 for international shipping, and it comes in this great looking envelope. It is very skinny, but made of sturdy cardboard so you know that your stationary is protected. I love the cute paper planes on the package, it makes me very excited to rip into this and see what's inside.

This is the print for February. It's quite cute, but not my taste. I know that someone (cough *my sister* cough) will love this, so I think this may end up being part of her Christmas present at the end of the year. This says: Create the things you wish existed. 

I love these cards. Some of them are folded as normal cards are, and some are single pieces of card. I love the variety that is included, and how cute and different they are.

The latte card is so adorable and different. I can't wait to send it out to a friend!

There are also stickers included, which are really funky. The pencil says: I just wanna shake shake shake shake shake. I've given this to my SO as his current favourite artist is Taylor Swift.

The entire package. I'm so excited to have gotten this, and am really happy with the whole set. I am planning on sending plenty of snail mail to friends and family once my Masters is finished, so this is a great thing to have coming each month. Each card is unique, and you definitely won't find anything like them it in New Zealand. I love it!

Does anyone else get Happy Mail? What do you think of this subscription?

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