Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bonjour Jolie August 2015

Kia Ora!

I had honestly forgotten about this box, and it was a lovely surprise when it turned up in the mail! Unfortunately I was running out the door to work (late, as usual) so I had to wait until I got home that night to open it.

Bonjour Jolie is a period subscription service, with lots of options for feminine hygeine products, allowing you to choose between pads, tampons, and disposable menstrual cups depending on personal preference. You can mix and match, and change your choices month to month as well. This is $16USD. There is also an option simply to receive the pampering products, and I've opted for this option. This option is $10USD per month + shipping. Shipping to New Zealand is $14.50, which is a bit expensive but I think it's worth it.

The information card was missing from my box, but after contacting customer service, the card appeared in my inbox! Honestly this company has some of the best customer service I've encountered. 

The theme is Hot August Nights, which isn't too relevant for us coming out of winter, but I'm still going to enjoy all the products in the box I'm sure. It's a novel experience receiving things from the other side of the world that we can't easily access in NZ, and I really do enjoy this box. 

I love how it comes wrapped in tissue, with a sticker. It adds that extra touch!

M&Ms Cookies 

Yum! This was right on top when I opened the box, and I'm happy to see it. I love M&Ms, I ate these cookies almost immediately after taking this picture, and they were delicious. A great addition to the box!

Dryden and Palmers rock candy sticks

I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this. It looks like one of those crystal gardens have become edible and grown up a stick. Purple and green are usually my favourite lolly flavours, so I'm looking forward to trying these out.

Jelly Belly 

I love Jelly Belly's, so I'm excited to see these in the box. I rarely buy these because they are very expensive, so it's a little bit of heaven to see three packets in this box! Normally the box has a guide to flavours, but it was quite neat to guess which flavour I was eating. A bit like eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans I imagine!


These are an interesting addition. It's the lollies like these that make this box extra interesting for me. I love being able to try lollies from the US that I would never see otherwise! I tried one of these, and it was a sour lemon flavour to begin with, transitioning into a boiled sweet taste. I wasn't too keen, but I'm sure other people will be happy to eat the rest of these for me.

Wonka's Gobstoppers

These are my sisters top choice in lolly, so I will be saving these for her. I've never seen a bag of little ones like this.

Stash tea

I enjoy having a variety of teas to try out, and Stash is a lovely brand of tea. These are mostly herbal teas, so my night time tea is sorted for a week or so. I do prefer black tea, but I like trying other types as well.

Bonjour Jolie Beach Waves Salt Spray

I've been eyeing up salt sprays over the last few months, so I'm particularly excited to be able to try this out! My hair is so fine, it's very limp when I do leave it out, which makes a ponytail my go-to hairstyle. I'm hoping to give myself some volume and be a bit more adventurous with my hair. It smells like oranges, and makes my hair shiny. I've only tested it out so far, but I'm loving the spray so far!

Advil and Summers Eve

These basics are in each monthly box (if you opt in for them), and are perfect when dealing with periods. I get the box without period supplies (tampons, pads, liners) as I just don't really use them, but these products are always handy to have on hand.

Just a Little Sparkle Silver Plated Rhinestone Headband

I love how Bonjour Jolie features small businesses in their box. Just a Little Sparkle makes some really beautiful headbands, and I'm instantly in love with it. I wore it to work the day after I opened the box, and enjoyed that immensely. It was comfortable, which is to do with the double-headband which sits at the back of your head. I'm so grateful that this was included in the box!

Bonjour Jolie has included a coupon code, for $5 off. It is BONJOUR and valid until the end of August.

Total value of the box: $$39.75 USD. Considering this box is charged at $16 USD (not including shipping) and there are extra items in the box that aren't listed on the card, I think it is well worth the price!

For me this box is exciting as it always has lollies I've never tried before, some snacks that are great to eat as an afternoon snack, and a wonderful gift and beauty item. I've been weighing up the good and bad points of the boxes I'm currently subscribed to, as I'm trying to save money. Bonjour Jolie has mainly great points, and the only negative for me is the high shipping costs. However I truly think it is worth it, and I'm excited to see what happens next month!

What do you think of this box?

Until next time ...

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