Monday, 3 August 2015

Happy Mail July 2015

Kia Ora!

This is my last Happy Mail. I originally bought a 6 month subscription, and I've loved getting it every month. However I now have enough cards to last for a year, and probably shouldn't accumulate any more. I'll happily recommend this subscription to everyone though, as it's great.

I love the weird quotation. I'm going to frame it as I love it so much. It describes me perfectly, as I can be a very odd person sometimes (usually in private but not always).

Cactus stickers! These are so adorable! I've been using these types of stickers to decorate envelopes when I'm sending letters, and I know exactly who to send more letters to with cactus stickers.

I think my Mum would appreciate the word search card. I'm excited to see what she might find in there. And yet another love card, which means I'm sorted for anniversary cards to my SO for about 6 years now.

Zoolander! I know who that ones going to!

Aw I love the swan card. I know a few people who are engaged, so I'm sure this will be useful in the near future. There was also a random envelope which I can't match up to a card. Hmmmmm. It's pretty anyways.

This one reminds me of Meatspin (which I'm not going to link here as it's not particularly appropriate). That website was popular in my first year of uni, and I still have nightmares. It's a cute card though, perfect for those without weird associations, or for a prank card for those who do have less great associations.

Overall, I love this subscription. The quality and variety of cards is phenomenal, and I love getting a bright and funky package in the mail. It's also an encouragement to send friends snail mail (if my sister is reading this then she can expect to receive some soon). Love it, but I'm a bit over-supplied right now. I'll grab another subscription once I need cards again!

What do you think about this type of subscription?

Until next time ...