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Fortune Cookie Soap Box Fall Soap Box 2015

Kia Ora!

I've been waiting and waiting for this box to arrive. The tracking email appeared in my inbox last week (I think), and I've been obsessively clicking the link. There were spoilers everywhere on Facebook, but I managed to avoid them all and keep the surprise element. I can't wait to  see what's in here!

Fortune Cookie Soap Box is a box that comes out seasonally, so every three months. The Winter box is due out at the beginning of November. I'm international, so I pay $34USD for each box. However you get a $10USD code with each box to use on their website, which is an awesome bonus. If the shipping wasn't killer, I would use it every time. I'm considering it this time to get some of the scents from this box, and the last one.

I love the themes chosen by this company. Old Hollywood seems like it should have classic movies and movies stars from the 1930s/1940s/1950s featuring.

Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats - Whipped Cream

Grandma's hot apple pie, dusted with freshly shaved cinnamon, nutmeg and warm brown sugar, topped with rich, creamy, marshmallow fluff. 

I don't know what marshmallow fluff is, but this moisturiser smells divine! Apples and sweetness are the predominant flavours, and this whipped cream is the best moisturiser I've ever tried. I love how appropriate for cooler weather these scents are (and since the Southern Hemisphere is in the dregs of winter that's rather appropriate).  

Scandal - Bath Powder

Creaking woods, wind blown leaves, and twisted rose thorns. Add entire bag to bath ... enjoy. 

The rose scent in this powder is lovely, and I've never been sadder I don't have a bath. For those with a bathtub, this will be a lovely thing to have, but I'm reduced to sniffing the bag, and looking a bit like a cocaine addict. Oh well, I'm fine with this, and will have to steal a bath from somewhere.

American Royalty - Pomade

Rose milk, thick honey and warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin. 

I've never used a pomade before, some sort of hair gel-type product if I understand correctly. I probably won't get much use out of this as I'm a "tie-it-all-up in a ponytail" type girl, but it's great to be able to try it out. I'm not sure how I feel about this scent, it's not really sweet enough for me I don't think.

Sidenote: The lines below 'Pomade' on the lid .. those are supposed to be the ingredients list. It's so blurry in real life, I don't know how it's realistic to read it. Better to leave off altogether I would have thought. Looks a bit like a joke (although it probably has to be on there because of American regulations or something).  

Pearls & Girls - Perfume Oil

Crushed and distilled vanilla creeping with wild jasmine and a splash of juicy pear. 

I'm in love with this perfume bottle, and the delectable scent inside. The pear and vanilla are so delicious. Best of all, the oil lasts most of the day (all of the work day). I've been wearing it the last couple of days, and keep sniffing my wrists as I am in love with this scent.  

Hollywood Dreams - Shampoo Bar

Fall is in the (h)air!! Brown sugar dusted graham crackers, fresh churned apple butter, sprinkled with nuts and a hint of maple. 

I haven't had great luck with shampoo bars in the past, but I'm willing to try again. Especially if my hair will smell like this. Overwhelmingly I can smell the maple, and some other unidentified things; perhaps the graham crackers as I don't actually know what those are. Either way, mmmmmm.

(Also, apologies for the awkward photo. I'm attempting to be artsy, and I'm not sure I've quite figured out this focus thing as yet.)

Dressed to Kill - Fortune Cookie Soap

Dribbles of mulled, red wine, swirled with dark, rich vanilla and cut apples, and a dusting of spice. 

The grammar nerd in me cringes at this many commas, but this soap smells nice and looks awesome. It smells more like generic soap with a hint of vanilla and apples to me, but it looks very pretty - and very Hollywood! 

Famous - Wax Tart

Warm amber, wild orchid, fluttering white cotton, sundried herbs. 

This smells amazing. The orchid and amber work well together, creating a light floral scent with deeper undertones. I don't have a burner, so will have to invest before being able to use this, but I'm happy to just smell it for now. I could do without the excessive glitter, but it fits with the Hollywood theme!

My OCD Hand Sanitizer (in Glitz & Glamour scent) was missing from the box when I received it, but a quick email exchange and their customer service will send one out to me. Hopefully that gets here soon! It's great that they are willing to sort that out so quickly. Another great thing about this box.

Overall I'm in love with this box. I'm not afraid to say it's officially my favourite one (although Butterfly Party Soap isn't too far behind). The amazing combinations of scents, as well as the truly wonderful products set this box apart from all the rest. I'm going to treat myself to a bit of a haul from their website, so keep an eye out in the next couple of months for that.

Did anyone else get this box? What did you think?

Until next time ...

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