Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mask Genie - September Pouch

Kia Ora!

If you follow my Facebook page, I'm sure you've figured out I'm obsessed with sheet masks by this stage. I love being able to try new ones, especially since you can't get most of these in New Zealand. Being able to get a 10 pack of new and exciting masks per month makes me excessively happy, although my stash just keeps growing bigger.

Mask Genie is a mask subscription run by Genie, a blogger from Genie's Favourite Products. It's a small business (one-woman if I recall correctly), and she lives in Hong Kong. This means she has access to a huge variety of Asian masks (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and more). Mask Genie is a monthly subscription, 10 masks for $22USD or 5 masks for $12USD, both including international shipping (although the price may have gone up recently because of increased shipping costs).

September's arrived in September, I'm just late putting this unpouching up. Genie now has a little business card that says on the back which month it is (which is awesome as international shipping isn't always particularly great). Let's see what's in the pouch this month.

Etude House Hyaluronic Acid

I've used this one before, and it's a decent mask. It isn't the highest quality, and is dirt cheap, but it's a good mask. It has lots of essence and is great for getting extra moisture into your skincare routine. 

Simply Anti Aging Program - Aqua Moisture Mask

Hyaluronic acid is the first ingredient listed on this pack, and that makes me very happy! It's one I've never heard of or seen before, and is Taiwanese? Should be interesting to try out! 

My Scheming Crystal Whitening Brightening Eye Mask

This is an eye mask, which I love using. I've heard good things about the My Scheming brand and I'm more than happy to have this to try out. 

Dia Force Ruby Hydro Ampoule Gel Mask

This was the spoiler for this pouch, and I love hydrogel masks! They adhere to your face a little better somehow, so are a lot easier to wear. They tend to be more expensive too, so this is the 'big-ticket' item for this box. According to Genie this mask is PINK, which is a really neat point of difference.

Dr Morita Revitalising Essence Facial Mask

Another Taiwanese mask - yay! This claims to be for 'everlasting youth and beauty' so I'm looking forward to that. Otherwise I have no idea about what this mask is for, or what it will do. It's like a lucky dip mask!

Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet Blueberry

This looks like an exciting mask! Berries are supposed to be great for your skin, and I'm really excited to try out a Holika Holika mask. I've been drooling over this one for quite awhile, so I'm very keen to give it a go.

Mediental Acai-Berry 

Another berry mask, and from a brand I've never heard of. This is the sort of thing I love about MaskGenie; I can try out different masks that I would never know about otherwise. I haven't tried acai berry before, so will be interested to see what it does.

Nature Republic Skin Smoothing Blackhead Removing Nose Patch

These are the staples of any skincare routine, and are gross yet addictive. It's so satisfying to see the gunk pulled out of your nose by one of these strips! I try not to do them too often myself as I'm terrified of making my nose pores larger, but my partner likes doing these so he can have this one. 

 Brand unknown - Platinum Essence Facial Mask

This is another Taiwanese brand, so it's a good way to branch out from the Korean masks I'm always using. It looks interesting and sounds moisturising.

Mask Pack Royal Oriental Medicine + Thermal Water

Hmmm, I don't know about this one. Oriental medicine is a neat concept (although I openly admit I don't know much about it) but thermal water? Is it really any different to normal water? There is no English on this mask (not necessarily a bad thing) but I don't know what I'm in for. It doesn't feel like there's a lot of essence ...  

There you have it, a very late unboxing of the September pouch. I really like the lucky dip aspect of these. I also love being able to try out different masks from Asia that I don't have easy access to in New Zealand. Like those Taiwanese masks, I'm pretty sure they would require a massive hunt if they are even in the country!

What do you think of the pouch?

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