Thursday, 15 October 2015

Butterfly Party Soap Shower and Body Box October 2015

Kia Ora!

This is the last subscription box from Butterfly Party Soap for awhile, although hopefully she will be back up and running sometime in early 2016. I must say I'm looking forward to that, mostly because it will be shipping from New Zealand then, and the shipping won't be so horrendous for me. Yay!

I received this last month (in a combined package with the August and September boxes) but have had so many other boxes coming in that I've waited awhile to put up my unboxing.

Paper with the details of all the products.

Luxury Soap - Hawaiian Ginger

This soap smells wonderful! I'm a sucker for ginger scents, so I might keep this one for myself. I don't usually use bars of soap, and my SO is usually the one to benefit from this, but I might hang on to this one.

RRP: $6.50
Full size.

Bath and Shower Whip - Twilight

I love the shower whip, it's my favourite product in these boxes. I've made an order that consists of only this shower whip. The scent is a bit strange, it smells like generic soap with a hint of something else (yeah, yeah, I'm awful at describing scents). It has glitter in it, a subtle reference to silly newfangled vampires?

RRP: $5
Sample size.

Jojoba Facial Lotion

Oooh, a new facial moisturiser to test out. I'm about to head off on a holiday (when this post goes live I'll be on holiday) so will have to test this out when I get back to New Zealand. It looks quite nice!

RRP: $3.25
Sample size.

Cuticle Balm - Lemon Zing

This stuff smells fantastic. It appears to be an oil based balm, and the lemon scent is phenomenal. I'm terrible at taking care of my nails/cuticles, so I'm making this part of a friend's birthday present.

RRP: $5
Full size. 

Body Butter - Citrus Dream

I love the size of these tubs. Perfect for travel! I'm not a huge fan of the body butter, it's a bit rich for my skin. The scent is really delicious! I love citrus scents, and this is a lovely lemony scent, with a hint of orange?

RRP: $5
Sample size.

Lip Balm - Key Lime Pie

These wee pots are so cute. I'm more of a 'lip balm in a tube' type girl, but these are really neat. They remind me of lip balm from the '90s when I was a kid. The scent is so sweet and fresh.

RRP: $4.50
Full size.

Total value of the box: $29.25

Some of the citrus scents in this box are fantastic! I'm most excited about the Shower Whip (of course) and I can't wait for Butterfly Party Soap to reopen in 2016.

Until next time ...

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