Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tea with Alice September and October 2015

Kia Ora!

I've been rather quiet for the last few weeks, and it's because I went on holiday! I popped over the ditch to Australia and enjoyed a couple of weeks tripping around with my partner. It was amazing, and much needed as I've been working pretty hard for the last 6-8 months. But now I'm back, with some subscriptions that arrived while I was away, and a pretty neat haul post next week.

September's Tea with Alice only had 3 teas, as one was confiscated by customs on the way into the country. Customer service was excellent when I contacted them, and they've refunded the box as they weren't able to resend the teas. I still have three teas to test out, so it's a bit of a bonus for me.

Restore Yourself sounds delicious, and looks like something I'll enjoy at nighttime. Creamy Dreamy Earl Grey looks lovely in the packet, and although I'm not the biggest earl grey fan I'll happily try this one out. Caravanserai is a Russian based black tea, and looks strong and wonderful - right up my alley.

October is all black tea! I've finally contacted Tea with Alice (there's never enough time in the day - story of my life), and they've changed my subscription to purely black tea. I don't tend to drink the herbal blends, so it seems like a waste to keep getting them. Although they are very pretty to look at in the packet!

Speakeasy is a great name, and it looks like a light black tea. Perfect for the afternoon pick-me-up! Hasta La Vista, Baby looks to be a stronger blend, perfect for those stoic terminators out there. I'm excited to try both of these.

Darjeeling Darling looks yum too (I feel a bit repetitive but seriously these all look really delicious). Dragon Chai is one I've had before, and loved to bits! I think I finished it in a few days, and was disappointed I didn't have more. It's a sticky tea, coated in honey, and has lots of spices in it. I loved this one, and am over the moon to see it again!

Well there we are, two months worth of tea, and I can happily lose myself in the depths of several hundred cups of tea now. If anyone wants a review of a particular blend, please let me know and I'm happy to do that.

Does anyone else get Tea with Alice? They are so great for trying out different types of tea, and expanding your palate.

Until next time ...

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