Friday, 13 November 2015

Australia Haul!

Kia Ora!

I recently popped over to Australia and tripped around New South Wales for two weeks. I dragged my boyfriend into every pharmacy, chemist, or beauty related shop I saw. My favourite was Priceline, and I bought a heck of a lot of stuff. This lead to many complaints about me taking over my boyfriends luggage, and that he was only there to carry all my stuff (partially true), but I'm happy with my little haul.

I've heard some great things about OGX and so I grabbed two of their types of Shampoo and Conditioner to try out. These were on sale when I got them.

I've been after some Antipodes stuff for awhile, and these were on super sale. They were supposed to come in a duo with a serum, but the serums had disappeared into the ether, which meant these were really cheap. I compared the size/price to the full size and getting two baby ones is basically a full size but with a much cheaper price tag. Who can resist that?

I have no excuse for this. I bought the Garnier Micellar Water as an alternative cleanser-type product for use in the mornings (when I just need to get off oils from during the night, and have been using a toner to do this). I can get this in New Zealand, but it feels more exotic getting it from Aussie. 

I asked on Reddit which brands I should try out, and someone suggested Sukin. I promptly found a Priceline, and bought these three (I think there was a buy two get one free deal too). I grabbed the whole shebang, and will try these out soon. They look awesome though!

Did I go a bit overboard with face wipes? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. I grabbed the Swisspers on sale, and the same with the Simple ones. I like both brands and am happy to have enough to last until next Christmas. Fuss Free Naturals is something I got in a subscription box (Lust Have It or Violet Box) ages ago, and I fell in love. I can get it shipped to NZ for about $40 of postage so I took full advantage to grab a few packets on this trip.

I bought this shampoo from Herbal Essences at the start of our trip, since it was cheap and I forgot mine. I grabbed a second bottle of conditioner to bring home since it was cheap at the supermarket. It smells like coconut and leaves my hair feeling great, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Have I mentioned my obsession with body scrubs? I couldn't resist these two from Anatomicals and thought it was a good chance to try out the brand. Keep an eye out for my scrub collection in January!

And there you go, the things I picked up on my trip were a combination of wanting to try out brands, or grabbing the chance while in Australia.

Has anyone else tried out these brands or products?

Until next time ...

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