Friday, 27 November 2015

Fandom of the Month October 2015

Kia Ora!

Fandom of the Month is $13 per month, plus shipping. Shipping costs vary but to New Zealand it costs $9.80. Previously there have been Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings (drool, wish I had gotten that one), Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more. Last month it was Percy Jackson themed! What will it be this month?

The theme for this month is SUPERNATURAL! Not one I'm familiar with as I'm a huge wimp and the few episodes I've watched scared me quite a lot.

I love that they include a magnet that relates to the theme. I'm not familiar enough with this one to say whether the card picture relates too ... Supernatural fans will have to let me know.

In this month's box there were three pieces of jewellery. A necklace that has a pendant, gun charm, and knife charm. A ring with what looks like angel wings. And a set of earrings with licence plates on them (presumably the car that the brothers drive around in).

This one doesn't appeal to me at all, but that's purely because I'm not at all familiar with the tv show. Each item is pretty neat, and I'm sure die-hard fans will appreciate it hugely!

Since I'm not going to use any of these items, I'm giving away the contents of the box to one of you lucky readers! Check it out below, and this could be the perfect Christmas present for Supernatural fans!

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Until next time ...

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