Tuesday, 19 January 2016

7th Heaven Chocolate Mask Review

Kia Ora!

Today I've got something a little different for you - a blog post mainly created with pictures! I wanted to show all of you readers what it looks like when I put on a face mask. I've chosen the Chocolate Mud Masque by 7th Heaven (formerly Montagne Jeunesse). I love these single use sachets, not only because they are easy to store, but also because it's the perfect size to try out a mask. I can get two uses out of each packet, so I can get a great idea of what the mask is like.

Below is a series of pictures of me putting this mask on. I use a foundation brush (I think the one I'm using is from BH Cosmetics), as I like to have an even layer all over my face. This mask is a thick one, and smells like melted chocolate. Yum! It was easy to spread, thick but smooth. It dried after 30 minutes or so, and after I washed it off my skin was soft and smooth. I loved using this mask, and will be looking for it in the shops soon!

Me with 7th Heaven's Chocolate Mud Masque.

Opening the packet

The product in the packet

Applying the first part of the mask

I have a beard!

Making sure I target the problem areas to begin with

Spreading the mask, and making sure it's even. 
I hope that was interesting to see how I put a mask on. I highly recommend this one, I loved using it!

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