Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Empties October and November 2015

Kia Ora!

Continuing with Empties week, this is a very late Empties post. I hope you'll all forgive me! I don't quite know what happened (it was probably an influx of subscription boxes that needed unboxing, and empties got pushed to the wayside). Enjoy the wrap up of what I used in October and November of 2015.

Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner
I really like these products, and will happily repurchase them. I had a few samples and used them up while doing a bit of travel in November. I got a couple of uses out of each conditioner bottle, and about 4 uses from the shampoo. This duo leaves my hair soft, shiny, and strong, and I have a full size on standby for when I next need shampoo.  

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
These sample bottles last me about a week each, and I like that they last for a reasonable amount of time. I get a good idea about the product with a week to use it in. The lotion smells faintly like oatmeal, and is of a medium consistency. It sinks into the skin quickly, and leaves my legs soft. It isn't my favourite lotion as I prefer fruity scents, but it is a nice one.

MOR Marshmallow Hand Cream
This is a great hand cream. It sinks in and doesn't leave a greasy residue at all. The scent is strong and sticks around for a long time. It's not my favourite kind of scent, although I can't pinpoint exactly what I don't like about it. Highly recommended for the product itself, if not this particular scent. 

Etude House My Beauty Tool 3 Layer Cotton Puff
I've exclaimed my love for Etude House's cotton puff's before, and these are great too! They hold together well, and are thick enough to really soak in toner to apply to your face. You can also use them as an impromptu sheet mask, but I tend to be too lazy to do that.

Body Boudoir Sexy Body Shave
This stuff was ridiculous. It was a reasonably nice shaving gel, pink in colour and smelt nice enough. It was marketed as having pheromones in it, which made you more attractive. I don't know that it did that, and it sat in my shower for over 2 years before I eventually used it up. Very meh.

Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub
This wasn't my favourite scrub, and sat in my shower for 18 months or so before I finally used it up. I was using it as a body wash by the end, and it was not bad for that purpose. I didn't like the type of granules used, as I prefer a deeper scrub. However it's probably a nice exfoliant for those who like smaller beads, or have sensitive skin. It's a thick paste that contains nut shell particles, so no nasty microbeads (YAY)!

DD'ell Extra Vitalizing Serum
This was supremely average. It didn't really appear to do anything, good or bad. It was a thin serum which applied nicely, but didn't appear to have any noticeable effects. It has a dropper which makes it difficult to get product out when the bottle becomes emptier, and so I threw it out once it was too hard to get product out. There was probably at least 1/3 still left in it though.

Benenet Diamond Illuminator Ampoule
I really liked this ampoule by contrast to the DD'ell one. There was a multitude of tiny glitter particles in it, but they didn't appear to be overly obvious when on the face. This ampoule left my skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. I loved it.

Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid
I loved this serum. It visibly plumped my face, and I have a whole review of it (with some awesome pictures of it in use). Highly recommended. 

Butterfly Party Soap

Foamy Scrub - Hot Chocolate 
I love these scrubs. You can use the sugar for a great scrub, and it foams up so you can use it as a body wash too! This scent was exactly like hot chocolate, and I used it up very fast because I couldn't get enough!

Bath Whip - Viva La Juicy
The bath whips are lovely, they foam up and you only need a tiny bit to get properly clean. I love that the consistency is of a whip, but it is malleable enough to use as soap or shampoo (in a pinch). This scent was fruity, but not my favourite. The product was wonderful though!

Foamy Coffee Scrub - Mint Mocha
The combination of coffee and mint was lovely, and this was an awesome way to wake up in the morning. I loved using the coffee granules, and would happily buy a heap more!

Aloe Vera Lotion
This smelt amazing, but was very greasy. I used it on my legs, and had to wait a few hours for it to sink in. It was marketed as non greasy, but no matter what I tried (too much, too little, applying to wet skin, applying to dry skin) I couldn't get away from the greasy feel.

The Body Shop Body Butter Virgin Mojito
This is one of my favourite scents I've ever had from the Body Shop. It's full of zesty lime and minty fragrances. I can't get enough of it! The body butter is the same formula as all the other Body Shop Body Butters, which is to say it is intensely hydrating, and the scent lingers. It's a little greasy, but I apply before bed so it isn't really an issue. If this scent ever is released again, jump on it!

And there you have it. The things I used up in October and November last year. Phew! I'm off to have a glass of wine (I'm writing this at night). Let me know if you've used any of these products!

Until next time ...