Sunday, 3 January 2016

Biannual Bibliothon Winter 2016 TBR

Kia Ora!

I stumbled across the Biannual Bibliothon while watching Youtube, and decided to participate in the reading challenges. I'm excited to complete some of these challenges, and it's a great incentive to read more books!

I'm publishing my TBR list to make myself a little more accountable, and I'll pop up a special book round up after the challenge. It takes place from 3-9 January.

The challenges are:

1. Read the group book: Soundless by Richelle Mead 
2. Read a book that's been sitting on your shelf for over a year.
3. Read a book over 300 pages.
4. Read a book from your favorite genre.
5. Reread your favorite book in a series.
6. Read a book based on it's cover. 
7. Read a book that's been recommended to you more than once.

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1. Luckily I've already received Soundless in my November Owlcrate so I'll re-read it for the challenge.

2. William Shakespeare's Star Wars (Episode IV) by Ian Doescher - a friend gave this to me a few years ago, and while I geeked out at the time I've never actually read it. Past time I think.

3. Sheryl Jordan Winter of Fire - it's barely over 300 pages but I'm going to count it as I have a huge book futher on.

4. I'm choosing Pat Rothfuss' The Slow Regard of Silent Things for this challenge, as I've only read it once and I think I need to read it again. It was amazing the first time round, and I'm keen to see what else I can discover in a reread.

5. Tamora Pierce In the hand of the goddess. I loved these books as a kid, so it will be nice to see if they are just as good when I read them as an adult (and yes my copy is looking a little tattered in the photo above, it has seen a lot of love).

6. All Fall Down, Christchurch's Lost Chimneys by Geoff Rice. The cover has fascinated me for years, particularly as I have a personal connection to the Christchurch earthquakes. A copy recently came my way, and I'm really excited to finally get to read it.

7. Jim Butcher The Auronaut's Windlass was recommended to me by a few people (mainly when they saw it on my book shelves and exclaimed over it). I'll attempt to read this during the week, along with everything else. I'm optimistic!

Those are the books I'm going to be reading over the 3-9 January. I don't think I'll be doing much else, but I'm really looking forward to doing this.

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Until next time ...

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