Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review - Lush Lip Scrub

I've been hearing a lot about this lip scrub from videos on YouTube recently. So when presented with an ideal opportunity to get one myself I was ecstatic!

I treated myself to a shopping spree for my birthday a few weeks ago, and popped into Lush. This was not with the intention of buying anything but simply to revel in the delicious and exceedingly enticing smells that emanate from that shop. After a thorough browse, I tried the testers of the lip scrubs. I was at first confused about what to do with the sugar crystals. However after putting a little on my lips and rubbing it around I soon caught on.

I bought the Mint Julep (mint chocolate) flavour. Highly recommended!

The scrub leaves the lips soft and smooth, as the sugar scrubs away dead or dry skin. The sugar crystals are removed easily by simply licking the lips. The sugar crystals are sweet, and taste great. After checking the ingredients on the package there are no chemicals or nasty things, just oils, sugar and flavour (natural). This is of course one of the great things about Lush, their use of natural ingredients.

I like to follow up the Lip Scrub with my favourite lip balm for lovely lips for the whole day :)