Friday, 30 May 2014

Goodiebox - May 2014

Kia Ora!

I've been eagerly awaiting this month's box. May seemed to get longer the closer it got to the end of the month! But it's finally here :) Goodiebox* have been amazing and sent their boxes before the long weekend, so we can all enjoy our treats a little bit earlier.

It feels very light this month, but that is never really an indication of how good a box will be. It's time to open it up and see what's inside.

The excitement always gets far more intense just before opening the box

I like the look of the card this month. It's very cute. The theme is "Tailor Made" which sounds very thoughtful.

 The products are all listed on the card which provides more information about each product (and is sometimes key in figuring out exactly what each product is and does). Click to embiggen.

Swisspers Cotton Makeup Pads.
Yay, very happy to see these. I'm about to run out of my crappy cheap ones, and have been meaning to go buy some more (perhaps from a nicer brand). Thanks Goodiebox for saving me a trip to the supermarket! Seriously very excited to try these though as I've heard quite a bit about them.
RRP: $ 5.69
FUll size (80 pads).

U by Kotex Designer Series Tampons -Super.
Tampons are always needed but seems a slightly strange thing to put in a box that normally concentrates on makeup and skincare. I'm not going to complain because free tampons are always welcome. These aren't my preferred type (for reasons I'm not about to expand upon to the general internet) but I'll use them and I'm grateful to have them. Apparently they have some fancy new zip lock bag to keep them in which is quite cool and will be good for throwing in a handbag when necessary.
There is also a ' 2 for 1' voucher included which is great, and I'll be happy to use that at a later date.
RRP: $5.50
Full size (16 tampons).

NYC Kiss Gloss - 537 B' way Berry
Oooh  a lipgloss. All the American subscription boxes seem to have this NYC brand in them and I must admit it peaked my interest. I was quite excited to discover it included in this Goodiebox. The gloss itself seems quite nice. It smells faintly of berries, and is quite thick. I do like the colour, mostly because it is much sheerer than it appears in the tube and I'm not sure I can pull of a bold lip colour. The best thing is it isn't sticky at all, which is great because sticky lips are rather annoying.
RRP: $15.50
Full size.

NYC Ultra Last LipWear - 419 English Rose
Another addition to my growing lipstick collection (none of which I've bought from the shops). I do like this colour, it is a lovely pink colour. It is a creamy lipstick, and should have long lasting wear. I say this because it took about 5 minutes to get the swatch off my hand with some rather vigorous scrubbing.
RRP: $18.00
Full size.

 Some swatches for the two lip products. Apologies about the rubbish lighting, it's early morning, and raining so the overhead light was necessary. It does give everything a yellow tone, but I wanted to get this blog done asap. I may or may not be procrastinating an assignment that is due today, which I want to put off as long as possible. Therefore, blog!!

MOR Correspondence Argan Oil Hand Cream
I'm obsessed with MOR hand creams. I received a bunch of samples in other boxes recently so I'm completely stoked to get a much larger product (and not in a foil packet)! Although this cream doesn't have the powerful scent that others MOR creates do, it appears to have the same wonderful formula. I've immediately applied it, and my hands are supremely soft. It does smell quite nice, just not as powerfully as others (see upcoming Empties blog for examples).
RRP: $35.00 (full size 75ml)
Sample size (40ml): $18.67

Dr Lewinn's Skin Perfect Primer and Foundation
Foil packets. Hooray. Heavy sarcasm.
I'm not keen on foil packets but I've never tried a primer before and don't currently use foundation (just BB cream) so I'm interested in trying these. I assume there will be enough for one use in each packet, so it was good to have two included. I received the shade 'Beige' which I'm hoping will match my skin tone, it sounds quite light so fingers crossed.
RRP: $45.90 (full size 30ml)
Sample size (2ml x 4): $12.24

I'm quite happy with this month's box. Four out of six products are full size, with a very generous sample found in the hand cream. The foil packets are a bit of a disappointment but there are two which allows a better testing period than just one. I am a bit confused by the inclusion of the tampons, but perhaps they are there to replace the 'Lifestyle Extra' that seems to have disappeared from the box.

Overall pretty happy with the box, and very excited to have the MOR and NYC products to play with. Thanks Goodiebox!

What did you think about the box? Did you receive anything different?

Until next time ...

*Goodiebox is a monthly subscription service, which costs $30 per month. Go to for more information.