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Goodiebox - April 2014

Kia Ora!
This is my first entry into this blog, but not my first Goodiebox*. I've been getting Goodiebox since October 2013 and have been loving it. I'm now slightly addicted to subscription boxes and so thought I would try to keep records of my experiences on this brand spanking new blog!

After multiple issues with the couriers, my April Goodiebox is finally here!!! The excitement was just about killing me, and I opened up the box straight away. I did stop to take some pictures though, and I'm always annoyed at how few pictures some blogs have so mine will have plenty!

The card was included on the top, detailing all the various goodies that are to be found inside the box.

First thing to be discovered was a Cherry flavoured lip balm. It is very thick, red coloured and exceedingly difficult to squeeze out of the tube! However, once on the lips it is lovely and moisturising, and doesn't have the sickly sweet flavour many other lip balms have. After several reapplications, it lasts fairly well, and would probably work well on top of lipstick as it has no real colour or tint. 
RRP: $17.50 (which I think is far too expensive, but I'm still glad to have it).
Full size (10 mls). 

An exfoliator! Yay! I've been desperate for one of these for the shower. Looking forward to putting it to use.
RRP: $10
Full size. 

Colour Club Nail Polish. The shade is 'Jackie Oh'. 
I'm not a huge fan of nail polish, and especially not in such a lurid pink colour. I probably won't end up wearing this at all. I did test one nail though, and I was amazed at how quickly it dried. None of the fluffing around, waiting for the nail polish to be hard enough to do things that require hands. After a couple of minutes it was dry and hardened. I'm impressed. 
RRP: $14.95 
Full size (15ml).

Next up is the various samples from Biore. The one listed on the  card is the Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. There are two of these. I've never used anything like this before so I'm looking forward to giving that a go. 
RRP: $14.95 (for a full size of 14 strips)
Sample size (2 strips): $2.14

Also included was a sample packet of the Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. I'm assuming this was thrown in as a bonus, as it isn't listed on the card. Although I'm not a huge fan of foil packets (like many out there), I'm happy to have a new cleanser to try.

The last thing was promotional material listing the various products Biore has, and some neat strips to rub on your face to allow you to discover what skin type you have. I personally think this is really neat because I am fairly new to all these varieties of skin type and the products that best suit each, and so have been guessing mine. I am waiting for when I don't have makeup on to test this out properly. 

Lastly, three other sample size products. 
Eleven's Miracle Hair, which smells faintly of coconut. I'm happy to try out a hair product, but wish the sample had been a bit bigger. Hopefully it lasts more than one attempt!
RRP: $32.00 (full size 125ml)
Sample size (6ml): $1.50

Sebamed Derma Soft Wash Emulsion, which I assume is another cleanser type product. There weren't any super clear instructions given so I'll have to experiment. 
RRP: $20.40 (full size 200ml)
Sample size (20ml): $2.04

Sebamed Day Defense Cream, another sample size product. Happy to have a day cream as moisturiser is one of the things I do most days (the ones I remember I now have a skincare routine). 
RRP: $22.50 (full size 50ml)
Sample size (10ml): $4.50

Overall, not a bad month. However, the last couple of months have been absolutely spectacular for me, and I'm rather disappointed this time around. I am happy to have all the products though, and will be happy to use them and try out the samples. So overall a meh box. However considering some of the issues I've noticed other boxes having (seriously underwhelming - I'm not naming names here, but maybe another blog post), this box is rather good. I am now looking forward to the next month. Hopefully we will see some Linden Leaves, as it was hinted at on Facebook!

Until next time ... 

*Goodiebox is a monthly subscription service, which costs $30 per month. Go to for more information.  

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