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Her Fashion Box - April 2014

Kia Ora!

This is my last Her Fashion Box* for the foreseeable future. There are several reasons for this and I'll go into them at the end of this post (I know you just really want to know what was in the box!). I get the Classic box.**

The HFB arrived in a satchel bag again, with the smaller box inside (as it has for the last few months). The magazine and a pair of socks were included too.

The pink box is removed to reveal the smaller, black HFB.

This opens up to reveal the products inside. Looks rather exciting at first glance, very colourful!

The Fashion Items:

 The first item is the knee-high socks, in a blue/lavender colour. In the magazine these are listed as 'Chloro socks'. Unfortunately they don't fit very well and look rather awful on my short legs. I'm going to have to pass these on to someone else. I can understand there would always be issues with a product that relies on size and is dependent on the individual, but I think it's a little thoughtless to include such a product. 
RRP: $24.95***
Full size.

'Drizzle' earrings. These earrings are not too bad, I don't automatically hate them (as I have with previous jewellery in HFB). They are gold accented and I don't really wear gold, but I'll give them a go. 
RRP: $19.95
Full size. 

'Daisy cuff,' which is made from cheap cream and gold plastic. I really dislike this and will never wear it. Not only is it massive, and not my style, it feels cheap and nasty. I'm very suspicious about the price provided because I certainly wouldn't pay that much.
RRP: $19.95
Full size.

The Beauty Items:

Cedel scented hairspray - Raspberry Punch. Although I don't really use hairspray this will  be great for the odd occasion that I do need it. It's also a brand that isn't available in New Zealand (as far as I'm aware). The scent is really delicious!! Lasts for quite awhile and made me crave berries!
RRP: $4.99
Full size (100ml).

Manicare Fashion Nail Shaper. I'm not a nail person, and can't stand the sound these things make. So this is an automatic re-gift. However, it's a welcome addition i'm sure for those who use these, and looks nice. The colour is lovely. 
RRP: $1.95
Full size.

Katy Perry Colour Pop Lashes - KaChing. I can't seem to find this in the magazine, and haven't seen it in anyone else's unboxings. So I'm left to assume it is my gift for completing the January survey (which wasn't included until now for whatever reason). I have never worn fake lashes so am keen to try, maybe for a special occasion and with some help from a friend. 
RRP: estimated $16.99
Full size.

Urban Rituelle Island Citrus soap. This soap smells divine, I'm really excited to use it in my shower. Lots of citrus scents, which I adore.
RRP: $4.95
Full size.
Coupon code in magazine: 'SPOILME20' will get you 20% off from the Urban Rituelle online store.

MOR hand cream samples x5. These came in various flavours - Honey Nectar, Neroli Clementine, Basil & Grape, Black Currant Iris, and Sugar Rose Tiger Lily. I'm excited to use these as I love MOR, they are great hand creams and smell simply divine. However, 5 little foil packet samples aren't really that great of a beauty item. Especially when the rest of the box was rather lacking. 
RRP: $14.95 (full size 80ml).
Sample Size (3ml): $0.56 per sample - $2.80 for all 5 samples

This bag was included as the gift for completing the March survey, however there was no note included so I was confused for awhile. Seems like an ok bag, will be good enough for supermarket shopping. 

After receiving this box I'm really glad I unsubscribed. This box is not worth the $45 I pay and I won't use most of this stuff. I will use the soap and the MOR, which is valued at less that $10. So for me it is a huge waste of money. I am also annoyed at the cheap jewellery that is consistently added. I'm resigned to the fact  I won't always like everything in a box, but not even getting back in value what I paid is annoying. I'm left with junk that I won't even be able to re-gift. This has happened with every box apart from January. 

The other thing which has been rather infuriating is the lack of timeliness of boxes. This one arrived mid-way through May, when the FAQ's on their website state that they post in the first two weeks of the month. I know they had some issues with suppliers, and moving offices in March, as well as their new Her Fitness Box, but the knock-on effect is rather dire. If they can't get their original box out in time, then  they shouldn't have taken on international orders or the new subscription as well. 

I'll be watching for the next few months to see what happens, and if their service appears to have improved, I may subscribe again. However, it's just a bad financial decision for me right now. Hope you take notice of your customers feedback HFB.

Until next time ...

*Her Fashion Box is a monthly subscription, which costs AUD$40 a month. They have been sending internationally since January 2014. They provide 3 fashion items and 4 beauty items in each box. Go to for more information.
**There are 3 boxes to choose from: Classic, Feminine and Trendy.
*** All prices are in AUD.

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