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Goodiebox - July 2014

Kia Ora!

Goodiebox is a monthly subscription box that costs $29 per month + $4.50 shipping and handling. It usually contains 5+ products ranging from sample size to full size items.

The much hyped Birthday Box arrived! Happy Birthday Goodiebox!!

I was working and constantly checking the tracking notification to see whether it was waiting for me at home yet, or not. I ripped this baby open as soon as I walked in the door.

They've changed the packaging. It's now a garish colour of pink and missing the magnetic clasp in favour of a black ribbon. I suppose it's kinda cute, but I'm more of a function over design girl. Combine this with a dislike of pink and I'm not a fan of the box. I'm hoping it's just a birthday thing, but if not I will be throwing future boxes away. I know some people will appreciate this though.

The cake on the card is cute, and I love the purple tissue. I guess it's not all bad. On to the products themselves, which is what I'm excited to see after all.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

I know that everyone has been abuzz about this new liner and it was quite cool that a wee sample was included in the box. Personally, I'm crap at eyeliner, so I'm not even gonna try this out. I should probably practice with less expensive ones before attempting to use this, otherwise it's a huge stack of money down the drain.

It's a very small sample, and I know a lot of people are upset about that. I'm not, mostly because I'll pass this on to someone who is dying to try it. The only bad thing I could see was that the lid wouldn't go back on properly after I pulled it off, which was a bit annoying.

RRP: $45.00 (full size 1.4g)
Sample size 0.10g: $3.21

Carmex Lip Balm

I've never heard of this brand before, and lip balms are always a welcome addition. According to the card this is a cult classic from the 1930s, so I'm especially interested in seeing what makes it a) different from modern lip balms and b) a cult classic.

After trying this out, I'm not sold on it. It smells like delicious honey in the pot, and it wasn't until after I'd applied it that I realised there was a heavy inclusion of Vick's Vapour Rub. The balm stung on my lips, and smelled strongly of menthol. I'm sure this is nice if you have a blocked nose, but I didn't enjoy it. It does leave my lips lovely and hydrated for hours afterwards, so it's not a total write-off.

RRP: $6.99
Full size

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Repair Rescue Instant Repair Shot

Apparently this is a hair treatment that is applied to the bottom of towel dried hair and then rinsed out after 2 minutes. This seems like an unnecessary in-out-in-out of the shower, and I don't know if I'll be able to drag myself away from the delicious hot water to bother with this sort of fuss.

That being said, I love hair treatments and will happily give this a go one day soon. I'm trialing a shampoo and conditioner for Beauty Review right now, but once I've finished giving those products a fair trial I'll be going straight for this shot.

RRP: $8.00
Full size

Linden Leaves Eye Rescue Serum

I love this product. I don't know how I lived before trying this, and will be devastated when it is finished. I was gobsmacked by the cost of such a small bottle, and I'm not sure I'll repurchase unless I receive a mysterious inheritance from a long-lost rich relative, but I love having this product.

The liquid inside is dispensed via a metal roller-ball, and it smells fantastic. I was rather hungover on Sunday and used this several times during the course of the day to ensure I was fully functional. The cooling sensation of both the ball and the serum is fantastic, and I am a convert to Linden Leaves because of this product.

RRP: $49.99
Full size

Manhattan Endless Stay Duo Eye Shadow

This is a cute wee eyeshadow, and with my favourite colour included! I'm dead keen on anything purple, and will be playing with this soon when procrastination strikes! The combo of slate grey and deep purple looks great, and I forsee this being used for a night out sometime soon. 

I did swatch on my hand (see below), and the colour isn't as pigmented as I'd hoped, but this may be good on the eyelid? It does build up quite easily. These are cream shadows, which I'm not very experienced with, but I'm looking forward to using this and adding it to my steadily growing make up collection. 

RRP: $22.00
Full size


Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea Sample

Goodiebox is now feeding my tea addiction! This is great! I love this brand, and my favourite tea is their Paris blend. My sister usually buys it for me as a treat, but now I think I'll have to get some myself! I'm not a huge herbal/floral/green tea drinking, usually preferring to stick to variations of black tea but I'm happy to have received this sample.

RRP: $19.95 (full size 20 teabags)
Sample size (1 teabag): $1.00

Dr Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream

I'm conflicted about the inclusion of these samples. The pamphlets were very cute, and I've heard good things about this brand. However, I hate having my feet touched, and I don't know if I'll be able to use these at all. I'll give it a go, but the suggestion of a foot massage might lead to my SO being kicked in the face, and that isn't nice for either of us. 

RRP: $43.00 (full size 75ml)
Sample size (2.5ml x2): $2.87


Overall, this box isn't bad. The full size Linden Leaves makes it a pretty great box, and anything else is a bit of a bonus. I think I'm excited about the tea as well.

Total value of the box: $94.06

Coupon codes included on the card:

There were some bonus' on the card for the birthday month. All links and codes below (in one handy spot rather than spread throughout the blog post):

  • Linden Leaves: GOODIEBOX10 will get you $10 off at Linden Leaves.
  • Benefit: Simply mention that you are a Goodiebox member in Benefit stores to receive a free 'makeupper'. I think that is a make-up in store, and is usually worth $70.
  • Harney & Sons: There is a code for 25% off at this website, and the code is GBX-267894560.
Did anyone get anything different? Did you feel differently about the things in your box? Hit me up in the comments!

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