Monday, 18 August 2014

Memebox Special #10 Masks 4

Kia Ora!

Ooooh the next installment in the Memebox saga. It was slightly delayed by the arrival of so many monthly subscription boxes, but it's finally here. 

Other Memeboxes I've received were the Cacao box and the Birthday box.

Oooh I see colourful things, and sheet masks, and what looks to be full size items. Let's dive in.
The info card is below to help annihilate any confusion.

And diving right on in to the products...

Sua Young Berristure

This product smells AMAZING! The scent of berries is overwhelmingly delicious and I want to put this on my face straight away! It is a thick gel, with small seeds(?) in it. On reading the card I think they might be collagen capsules. 

I'm falling in love with masks (having used a chocolate one earlier tonight) and can't wait to try this one out too. I haven't had the chance yet, but am waiting to treat myself with a pamper day.

RRP: $40
Full size

7 Seconds Morning Sheet

This seems to be a toner + emulsion + essence and is for before the application of makeup in the morning. It comes in a container that opens like a can, and has sheets that are soaked in product. I tried to get decent pictures but it was hard with all the packaging - sorry about the poor quality. 

I'm intrigued by this product, but I assume it is simply a conglomeration of the other morning products most people use and will (hopefully) help with makeup longevity. After trying them out I'm in love. It's so easy to grab a sheet out, exfoliate and then tone and be done with it. I'm really happy to have these, and will be making use of them frequently.

RRP: $39
Full size

Purederm Vitamin C Facial Pads

These are semi-familiar. I think my Mum had some when I was younger. They smell quite strongly of orange, and come with tweezers as part of the pack. I'm keen to try these out, and will probably wait until the weather is warmer so I can utilise the suggestion on the card of keeping them in the fridge.

RRP: $12
Full size

When Masks - 10:00PM and Travelmate

I love sheet masks. I'm getting to have quite a collection. I don't know what else I can say about this without using it, and I've not done that yet. The packaging is beautiful, I really love the colours! I haven't used either of these yet, unfortunately (hah, not really unfortunate) I've accumulated lots of masks recently and am slowly working my way through them. 

RRP: $7.00 each
Full size

Soo Effect Plus Essence Sheet Mask (Repair, Energizing, Waterdrop)

Some more masks! Woohoo, this box is great. It's quite nice to have a few to try by the same brand. It's also really generous to have a total of 5 sheet masks in the box. Again, I can't wait to try these out.

RRP: $2.00 each
Full size


Another winner by Memebox. It's official, I'm addicted to the awesomeness that is this service. I can see why it has become internationally popular so quickly. I've already ordered the next installment of the Mask box, and am very excited to get it in September (or October depending on how long shipping takes). 

I'm particularly impressed by the wonderful information cards that provide all the details you need to use the product, as well as RRP and whether the size sent in the box is sample or full size. Loving everything about all my boxes so far.

Total value of this box: $111

Fantastic! Can't wait for more (no matter how many times I say that it doesn't diminish the excitement over these excellent boxes).

Until next time ...

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