Monday, 18 August 2014

Memebox Special #9 Skincare Edition

Kia  Ora!

Yes, it's time for one more Memebox reveal. So far I've unboxed the Cacao one, the Mask 4 box, and the Birthday box

This one is all about skincare. I'm excessively excited about what's inside. I refuse to confirm whether or not there is embarrassing dancing going on while opening this box. Skincare is my current obsession and I love playing with new products!

Looks fairly standard so far ... but what are the goodies that are inside?

Lots of boxes, but what are they hiding? Something good, or will it be a wacky and weird product to test out?

Rose Balancing Toner

This toner smells amazing! It's like walking in a rose garden. The weird thing about this little sample is that it is a gel, rather than a water product like most of the toners I've seen/used before. The gel does turn into a liquid when it is slightly heated on the skin. I'm interested in seeing how this works as part of a skincare routine.

I am sensing trouble in trying to get it out of the jar though. It is made of a hard plastic, and the gel is quite sticky and doesn't come out easily. Perhaps I'll have to resort to cotton buds, but that's fine. This seems to sink into my skin immediately, so I'm keen to see if there are any long-term effects. 

RRP: $58 (full size 50ml)
Sample 5ml: $5.80

Verikos Advanced Power Tightening Cream

I'm not really old enough (I think) to worry about age issues with my skin, and as this cream is supposed to 'fight the first signs of aging' I'm not sure it's right for me. However that could be due to a delusion that I'm still 20. 

I'm happy to try it, and I love the fact that I've received a random and different moisturiser to try out. It smells a bit like oranges, which is funky.

RRP: $36 (full size 75ml)
Sample 4g: $1.92

Snail Bee High Content Essence 

I'm feeling very strange about the combination of snail secretions and bee venom. I'm not 100% sure where in the skincare routine this goes, but I'm keen to try it out.

The product is a gel (that looks like snails have been running around) and it turns into a liquid as it warms. It sinks into the skin really well, and leaves it hydrated. It has a very subtle sweet scent, but I can't identify it any further than sweet.

RRP: $18
Full size

Boscians Cycle Repair Wrinkle Spot

Again with the anit-aging stuff. I'll be happy to try it out, especially since it seems to be so popular on all the beauty forums. I've even seen an 18-year-old who is very worried about lines and aging skin. It all seems a bit silly to me, but I like playing with different skincare products so I'm not going to complain.

This product is a thin white cream that absorbs into the skin really well. I'll be interested to see if there is any difference in the fine lines on my forehead. It has a very fine tip, which dispenses the cream in a slow, deliberate fashion. So I guess you don't need very much at all. 

RRP: $24
Full size

White Dew 7 Cut Extreme Serum

A whitening serum. I heard that these were all the rage in Asian countries, so I was kind of expecting something of this nature at some point. I'm pretty pale anyway, so I don't think it will do anything good for my skin, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

The bottle has a fancy dropper which is quite fun to play with but I'm not sure how practical it is, as it is a bit difficult to use. The product spreads very easily, so I'm going to assume that it will last for a significant amount of time.

RRP: $41
Full size

Super Plumping Jelly Cream

The name of this product is quite exciting. I want to play with it on the name alone. It's another product in this box that starts as a gel and becomes a liquid when applied to the skin. This goes on as the first or last step of a skincare routine; although applying it first seems counter-productive as it will just be cleaned off.

This jelly has a fairly strong scent, but it is pleasant and semi-sweet. The card states that it contains blueberry, orange, almond, broccoli (really?!), pumpkin, and salmon eggs. That seems like a very strange mix of ingredients, and I'm excited to see what the results, if any, with future use.

RRP: $77
Full size

Tea Tree Porest Powder in Toner

Finally a toner that is in liquid form. The addition of powder seems a little strange, although it mixes in fairly well when shaken. The tea tree scent is quite strong, but that isn't a bad thing. I don't have much else to say about this product as I haven't tried it yet.

RRP: $26
Full size


Well with the sudden influx of skincare products I shouldn't have to buy any for myself for a year or so! I'm really excited about this box, which makes a nice change from other boxes where I like most of the products but not usually all of them. I think the Memebox addiction is well and truly begun!

Total value of the box: $ 193.72

Holy heck. That is fantastic value for a box I paid about twenty bucks for. Absolutely blown away by this one! Good job Memebox! Love your work! Can't wait for the next influx of boxes (due around late September/October). 

Until next time ...

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