Monday, 25 August 2014

Review - Chocolate Cacao Mask

Kia Ora!

I received this mask in the Cacao Memebox and wanted to review it for my readers (the ones that are interested). 

I used this one night and left it on for about an hour, even though the instructions said 15 minutes. I got engrossed in a tv show and forgot to wash it off until the episode was over. It didn't seem to matter too much though (someone correct me if it does matter). 

The product looks and smells like thick chocolate sauce. My SO was actually eating Hershey's Fudge Sauce while I applied this simply so we could directly compare the two products. As delicious as this mask smells, I don't recommend eating it. I licked a bit off a finger and it wasn't that pleasant. Stick to real chocolate people!

The mask was thick and sticky, but used less product than I assumed would be needed. It melted a little on the face, but didn't really move around at all. That meant no sticky, chocolaty, trails running off my face and making a mess. It was surprisingly mess-free (as contradictory as that sounds). 

It was easy to wash off, and left my face feeling very clean and moisturised. I didn't notice any difference to my pores or any blemishes, but I'm not sure only one use will have huge results. I really enjoyed the pampering and I think I'll keep doing it until my little pot is finished. 

Thanks Memebox! And for the readers amusement, here's a photo of my face covered in the mask.

Until next time ...

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