Thursday, 15 January 2015

Something new and different for us!

Kia Ora!

My cousin sent a surprise package to my SO and I yesterday. I have been very curious about what it could be, and it turned out to be far more awesome than I could have imagined! It was a box full of fresh fruit and veges, and plenty of them! My SO opened it while I was at work, and he did an unboxing of it for us. Kudos to him for the awesome photos!

It came with a cooler bag and a ginormous box inside full of the delicious goodies. It's from a company called The Fruit Guys. Cool.

Yum! So many delicious looking fruits and veges.

I love that the beans are in a snaplock bag. It's a great way to keep them together, and also the bag is reusable!

Not sure about why there is a blue line on this pic, but the potatoes look so yum!

Om nom nom.

Carrots, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, grapes, mandarins, onions, kumara, apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, lemons. The list seems to go on and on. Everything looks so fresh and delicious. It was all chilled, despite sitting outside in the Auckland heat for several hours.

Here's the meal I made for dinner, with mainly ingredients from the box. Sweet corn, with a medley of mushroom, broccoli, beans, spinach and capsicum. It was scrumptious, and I'm glad I have enough for lunch tomorrow too. It was really yum!

There are so many fruits and veges here. We will eat well (and healthily) for the whole week! One of our New Year's Resolutions was to eat at home more, and with better food (read more fruit and veges, less fatty crap food). This box is perfect for us, and will help us achieve the resolution.

 The invoice that came with the box said it was the Couples Delight, and is for two people. I am so impressed with what we received, and am keen to keep getting it. This box is $34 and can be customised (for allergies and dislikes). Seems like a great deal with the quality and variety in the box. Unfortunately for non-Aucklanders, this is Auckland only.

I am so happy and thankful to have been given this. Thanks Jess and Tim!! It was a really thoughtful gift, and I love it! It's probably going to become a regular purchase in our budget.

Does anyone else get regular food deliveries like this?

Until next time ...