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Flora and Fauna Spring Box 2015

Kia Ora!

I've been anxiously waiting for this box. I love getting a box full of vegan, natural, and cruelty-free beauty goodies (to be honest I care less about the ethical things, and more about the goodies). I like that these boxes are seasonal because it means that the products in the box are perfect for that time of the year, and you're not overwhelmed by a monthly subscription. I've been dying to see what's in this box, so let's get to it!

Flora and Fauna is a quarterly (seasonal) subscription box dedicated to natural and cruelty-free beauty products. It is $35 a box, and shipping to New Zealand is around $10 extra. I bought a year's subscription (4 boxes) for $135 + shipping.

They've changed the tissue paper this month, from a natural brown to this lovely yellow colour. Very spring-like! It's a small thing, but the attention to detail is fantastic. 

There is a 10% off code for all of the products featured in this box, and the code is Spring10.

The card with extra details. 

Ecotools Spa Moisture Gloves

This is an awesome product to include. The instructions say to smooth on hand cream before wearing overnight. I moisturise my hands last thing before I turn out the light at night, so these are a good way of being able to overmoisturise and not worry about getting it everywhere. I'm looking forward to trying these out and seeing if they make a difference.

RPP: $8.99
Full size. 

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream

I have so many rose sknicare products to start using. I love getting samples like this because I can try out some fancy brand (like this one!) but I also can't stand getting samples this size because they aren't big enough to test properly. So I'm excited, sort of, to have this one.

RRP: $58 (full size 30ml)
Sample size (1.5ml): $2.90

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Hand Cream

I'm much more excited to see a sample of hand cream, as I don't have a strict testing schedule for my hands. I just slather on whatever I want. Although this is a ridiculously tiny sample for a non-crazy-expensive product. Surely a 5ml/10ml would be better with a product in this price range!? However, this sachet will also go really well with the gloves! I can't wait to try this out, check out my September Empties post at the end of the month to see what I thought about this one.

RRP: $16.95 (full size 50ml)
Sample size (1.5ml): $0.50

 Vanessa Megan Darling Perfume

I've been looking at this in the Flora and Fauna shop for months, and I'm really excited to see it in the box! It's made from essential oils and has a very strong scent of cloves/cinnamon. I really like the scent, although it's significantly closer to herbal than I would normally like. I love the size, it is perfect for testing scents out, or carrying around in my purse. Unfortunately the spritzer doesn't work particularly well on the one I got, but sometimes that happens (and it looks like Flora and Fauna will send me out a spritzer that does work which is awesome).

RRP: $5 trial size, $29.95 for 50ml
Trial size (15ml): $5

Kosmea Mositurising Lotion and Sunscreen SPF30

I've been meaning to test out some new day creams, and haven't managed to get there yet, so this has come at the perfect time. Spring is the best time to make sure that your day cream has SPF in it (or you're using a separate sunscreen) so I'm really excited to try this one out. It has cucumber extract, rosehip oil, and aloe vera which are all great for the skin. I'm hoping those ingredients will agree with my skin, and that this is the cream I've been looking for (har-har lame Star Wars reference).

RRP: $44.50
Full size.  

Adorn Cosmetics Natural Loose Illuminiser

This is a sample of a highlighter. I'm still not really a make-up user, but I can see that this is a great thing for those make-up obsessives who get the box. I do think it's a neat idea to get a sample of something a bit different, and it doesn't depend on skin colour (like foundation or BB cream that some boxes send out). I'll be passing this along, but it's a good product to include for a well-rounded curation of the box.

RRP: $12.95 (for 85g)
Sample size (5g): $0.76 (this seems a bit low ...)
On the website it has it listed as $40.25NZD for 5g, so something has gone a bit funky? I'm not sure exactly how this is priced, but I've gone off the information on the card. 

Tula Naturals Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum

This seems to be more of a blend of oils than a serum, but I'm excited to see it either way. It is for Dry or Mature skin types, which isn't me, but I've never really stuck to that sort of thing anyway. I love skincare, and have a very complex routine, so this should fit right in! I can't wait to give it a go, and see if it makes a difference. I've never used an oil before, so this might be my gateway drug. Great addition to the box, especially for springtime.

RRP: $12
Full size. 

Overall value of the box: $74.65.

I'm loving this box! Everything in it is perfect for spring time, and it has clearly been well thought out. The care that has gone into matching the products together is evident, and this more than makes up for my disappointment in the Winter box. The only thing I'm not particularly clear on is why a $0.50c packet of handcream has been included, when a 5ml or 10ml sample would be better, or even a full size product as it isn't too expensive. It's a minor gripe though, and I do love the pairing of a hand cream with those gloves. I'm excited to try just about everything else in the box, so it's an awesome box overall!

What do you think about this box? What is your favourite item in it?

Until next time ...

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