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Lust Have It - June 2015

Kia Ora!

I haven't been subscribed to Lust Have It in quite awhile, but their May box way pretty epic! It was almost all full-size items, arrived on time, and the quality of products included seemed higher than other recent boxes. Lust Have It were having a lot of problems for several months earlier this year, but I think they skipped a month (April?) and got themselves back on track. It's nice to see that the company listened to the views of their subscribers, and has changed in order to better accommodate their consumers wants and needs.

The monthly boxes were coming in pink makeup bag type things, but I prefer this large cardboard folded box instead. I can reuse this for gifts if I want, or simply recycle it. I also love the sticker on it that states the theme. I'm excited so far!

The card with the important information.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Peppermint Foot Mask

Sorry about the badly focused photo ... I just got a new camera and am still learning about some of the settings. I promise the photo quality will get better!

I'm actually really excited to see this. I normally ignore my feet, mostly because they are supremely ticklish, but a foot mask sounds kind of neat. There is a recipe on how to make it in the label, and this brand looks really luxurious. I'm excited to try this out.

There's also a discount code for The Cosmetic Kitchen for 20% off. The code is LUSTMINTY.

RRP: $24.95
Full size.

The Cosmetic Kitchen Wake Up Body Scrub

I've been getting into scrubs lately, and I can't wait to try this one out. It says to use dry (presumably pre-shower) so I think I'll give that a go this week! I love the clean feeling after using a scrub, and I can't wait to get rid of all the dead skin and other crap from my body! The packet looks potentially awkward, but I'll report back in a future empties post about that.

RRP: $29.95
Full size.

Nak Thermal Shield

Well, I don't use any heated tools on my hair so this product is a fail for me. My hair is already dead straight, and won't hold a heat curl. It will happily curl if I rag or plait it when it's wet though. Oh well, can't expect an entire box to be amazing. I'll give this to someone else who does use a straightner all the time, so it won't go to waste.

RRP: $25.95
Full size.

Teez Trend Cosmetics Eve's Ready to Wear Lipstick - Classy Caramel

This was the spoiler product for this box, with three colours to choose from. I like darker browns so I thought the Caramel would be perfect for me. It's a lot redder than I expected, but I'll still try it out. I've used Teez lipsticks before, and love the formula. This is a great product to get in the box. 

RRP: $32
Full size. 

Chapstick Hydration Lock

This is the cheapest product in the box, and it's still pretty great. Lip balms tend to come with every subscription box, but this is a bit different. I've never seen a double-ended lip balm. This one has one end for hydration, and the other to lock the moisture in. Sounds interesting. I'm happy to try it out, as lip balms are great to have around in winter! It applies smoothly, at both ends, and smells a bit like vanilla. My lips feel really smooth wearing it (although I've only had it on for three minutes).

RRP: $4.99
Full size.


Total value of the box: $117.84. Wow, that's a heck of a value for a $20AUD box.

I'm impressed with Lust Have It this month. They have significantly upped their game, and every item was full size. I'm really excited by 4/5 of the products in the box, and I can't wait to try most of those out. Fingers crossed they can keep up the good work!

What do you think about this box?

Until next time ...

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