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Butterfly Soap Party Box - June 2015

Kia Ora!

I recently discovered a bath and soap box from Australia, Butterfly Party Soap. I promptly ordered a 3-month subscription, and then was devastated to find out the business will be closing its doors. For now at least, as the owner is in the middle of some major life changes. I'm going to unbox the 3 subscriptions I bought, and cross my fingers that she is able to start up again soon (as the first box was awesome, and the products are quality!).

I paid $70 AUD for three months, and shipping was $5 per box to New Zealand. This was charged separately, but it was great that there was the flexibility to ship overseas on request. I think there are a couple of boxes, as well as individual products, still available for purchase, until the end of August.

The box arrived in a cardboard box, filled with purple 'worms'. I had to dig a bit for some of the products, but I liked that it was a bit like a treasure hunt. The design of the packaging is really neat, and I love the logo.

Body Butter - Coconut Dream

Yum! This smells divine, and so coconut-ty. There is probably 15g of product there, which isn't much. If you use it as a hand cream it would last for a wee while, but for my legs it's maybe two uses. Which is better than some other subscriptions!

Foamy Coffee Scrub - Mint Mocha

This looked a little like a poo or a mud pie, but it smells lovely. It's a whipped formula, and smells like mint and coffee. I've been loving scrubs recently, so I'm really happy to be able to try this one out. I haven't tried a creamy scrub as yet (or foamy as the label says) so it will be something different to try out.

Aroma Beads - Pineapple Twist

These are the most pineapple-y smelling things ever! I love the strength of the scent, and it's such a great idea. I think I might put this in one of my drawers to make the clothes smell good, or in the car since that gets a bit whiffy sometimes. I love this product, as I've never seen anything else like it in a subscription box.

Massage Oil - Vitality

I'm not a huge massage oil fan. I love massages, but it's hard to do to yourself, and my SO isn't always the most amenable. I have used Lush Massage Bars in the past, and loved them, so this will be something a bit different to try. The oil doesn't appear to smell like anything in particular, but that's ok. I'll report back on this one.

Butterfly Party Soap - Spiced Pumpkin Pie

The description on the website for this one is: A pumpkin pie with clove, cinnamon and nutmeg rounded out with creamy butter and vanilla.
I totally agree with this description, and the soap smells (and looks) good enough to eat. I've been sniffing away at it for days now. I don't use bar soap myself, but my SO does, so this is being added to his back-ups. It's a great idea to include in the box though as I'm now tempted to buy a whole bunch of the soap for Christmas presents. 

Triple Butter Lotion Stick

This is a bit of an odd-ball product for me. I've never used a lotion in a stick form, and I thought this was a lip balm to start with. I tried it out on my hands (as I'm not sure how else to use it), and it's a bit greasy, but leaves them soft and hydrated ultimately. I think this might need a bit of getting used to, but it's always nice to step outside the comfort zone.

Overall, I really like this box. There is a mix of some different products in there, but most of them are useful. I do like that they are decent sized samples, although it is a little bit pricey for a sample box. I can't complain too much though as I know all of the products are handmade, and the curation is great.

One thing that did really impress me about this box is that you can choose between a box for if you have a bath, and a box which takes into account those of us who don't have baths. I love that this is an option as I hate getting products I can't use. Brilliant. So there's my first Butterfly Soap Party Box. I love it, and am really excited to use all of the products.

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