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Care Pack NZ - July 2014

Kia Ora!

I just got home from work to a package awaiting me!! Yay, this means exciting things arrived in the mail (I totally know what this is but I'm gonna pretend it's a surprise anyway)!

I've found a new subscription service in NZ. This one is called Care Pack and it does all natural and eco-friendly products, usually food related and New Zealand made. I'm looking forward to this box. I did get a discount on the first box (I'm not sure if they are still available) but check out their website here for more details. 

Cardboard box, brown paper; feels eco-friendly to me!

The card is below for those who want to look at it (now or later). This month's box is centered around getting up and facing the day, being energized and dealing with cold winter mornings. This theme sounds awesome, not least because I was frozen this morning. I'm also not keen on leaving my lovely warm bed because I have to be a productive member of society when I leave it. Life is hard (kidding!).

Now on to the products. I'll try to include RRP where available and website links if available. Anything to make it easier on you readers :P

First I see an envelope. I couldn't wait long enough to get a picture of it unopened so I just put it back together and hoped it would suffice. 

Good Green Stuff

I don't know what this stuff is. Confused!
After reading the card, you add a sachet to a glass of water/coconut water/juice and it provides extra nutrients, vitamins, etc. I'm happy to try these, but I'm not a big fan. Seems legit, but I prefer to eat actual food rather than ingest it via powder (or re-hydrated powder). 

Website link:
Or the product can be found here

Interestingly the website provided by the information card in the pack is If you go there, a coupon code is available to save 10% until August 31st. The coupon code is CAREPACK.

RRP: $97.50 (300g)
Sample size (5g x 2): $3.25

Mother Earth Brekkie on the GO - Cashew and Cranberry

These look delicious. It's a brand I've bought before, and loved. I haven't tried these before, but they seem like they would be perfect for a quick and easy meal in the mornings. I love that they are natural and single serve which makes them easy to eat as I rush out the door every morning. 

In each sachet there are little balls of muesli, along with cashews and cranberries. These look so great, and if I hadn't just eaten I'm sure I would have scoffed a few already! I'm also stoked that these are a full size product and there are 6 individual serves. Hopefully these will last more than a day!

RRP: $7.49 (6 pack)

Kerikeri Tea - Organic Green Honeybush Tea

I love tea. Some have called me a fanatic. I may or may not currently have over 15 different varieties of tea in my cupboard right now. However, I'm not a big fan of herbal or green tea. I love black tea. So although this tea looks great, it's already starting off on the back foot. I'll try it with an open mind, but no promises of rave reviews. The bag has 20 teabags in it, which is a great size to try out. 

The website for the tea company is here.

RRP: $7.95 (20 teabags)

UPDATE: I've just made an order on the tea website, as they are fairly cheap and have some interesting black teas too. Bay of Islands Breakfast tea anyone - mmmmmmm. 

I've run off and made a cup so a) I can give immediate feedback and b) it is cold and tea is hot.
Here's my cup, it's very yellow ...

The teabags are made of the softest material, and the tea looks to be of high quality. To me, the tea tastes blah, and like slightly flavoured hot water. But, overall not bad. Will probably be liked by you green tea drinkers out there. 

Awaken Alive Energy Food Bar - Banana, Goju and Cacao

This bar looks delicious. I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll be able to eat it (for lunch or a snack). I love cacao, and I'm looking forward to  trying the Goji. It looks (and feels) fantastic, full of good whole products and it's made right here in New Zealand. Yum!

Their website is here (pre-loaded to the shop page where all the different bars are located).

RRP: $3.80

Cec's Smart Bar

Oooooh another bar. This one made from seeds, nuts, honey and quinoa. Yummy! I wish I hadn't eaten lunch! This one is also made in NZ, and looks delicious too. 
Their website is here

Fun fact: the contact details on the bar include an email and cell number. I've never seen that before. Cool. 

RRP: $4.00

The Aromatherapy Co - Energy Pulse Point

This is a roller-ball with essential oils. The oil in this one contains rosemary, lemon and sweet almond oil. I generally don't put much stock in these sort of things (call me a skeptic or cynical), but as long as it smells good then I'm happy. I might have to get this to my sister (currently backpacking around Europe), as it is right up her alley. 

RRP: $15.00

Red Seal Natural SLS free Toothpaste

 I have only ever used Colgate toothpaste. I'm not sure how this will go but I'm happy to give it a go. It explains the minty scent that has been wafting out of the box. This probably won't get used for awhile, as I tend to have a few tubes of spare toothpaste sitting in the cupboard. But I'm excited to try something new and different. 

RRP: $3.50

Go Bamboo - Bamboo Toothbrush

Well this is certainly an odd thing to receive. It makes sense and fits with the box, but not what I would have expected at all. I'll happily use it as it will save me having to buy a new toothbrush when the current one wears out. 

One thing I do really like about this product is that once it is used, you can throw it in the compost rather than having to throw it out. It is completely biodegradable. I really like that. (I also know of at least one friend who will go gaga over something like this and so she may end up with her own for her birthday). Their website has lots of information here.

RRP: $??? I can't seem to find a price.

Pure Bread - Voucher

According to the card there is a voucher for this gluten free company but I can't really see a voucher. The coupon code is for 20% off. The code is RiseAndShine

I'm not going to use this company as I'm not gluten-free (I don't have any medical conditions that require it), and so I refuse to jump on the 'this is the cool thing to give up' bandwagon. However, I will pass this on to a girl at work who can't have gluten, and it might help her out. The code is above if anyone else wants to use it. The company actually looks quite good, with a wide range of products for those who do need to be gluten-free.


Well, I'm pretty happy with my first Care Pack. This is only the second month this company has been running, and I think they have a great idea. I love that the products are all New Zealand based, and encourage support of NZ small businesses. I also like that the products are all healthy, or promote healthy living. We could all do with some of that in our lives. I'm probably going to keep getting this box (for next month at least), so stay tuned. 

The total value of the box (what I could value) came to $45.00. This doesn't include the toothbrush or Purebread thing. Overall, not bad. I paid $16 so I'm very happy with this. 

Until next time ...

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