Monday, 14 July 2014

T2 Haul - July 2014

 Kia Ora!

Today is something slightly different to beauty products. The main love in my life ... TEA!
I made an order from T2 because they were having a sale. Who am I kidding, it's just an excuse for me to buy more tea. I'm so addicted! I was in their shop last week, and I can't wait to go back and try some more tea :-)

They always send the tea in a lovely box, with a magnetic opening. It reminds me of a subscription box.

There's a sample on top, Tummy Tea

I've had this before (the last time I ordered from T2) and it's pretty delicious. I find it strange to get a sample of loose leaf tea, but, hey, not complaining. It has a lovely minty aftertaste, and is overall a lovely tea. I'm not a huge herbal tea fan, but I liked it. I can't comment about the tummy calming properties but it tastes good.

Lifting off the top layer of tissue paper to reveal my order .... Can't wait to get into it properly!

I ordered Raspberry Rush, a black loose leaf tea with raspberry flavour. 

I opened the box and was immediately hit with a delicious smell. The raspberry is a very strong scent, and smells divine. There are dried pieces of raspberry, along with the typical black tea leaves. I put the jug on straight away and am enjoying a pot while writing this blog. 

The second thing I ordered was a mixture of T2 teas that are in teabags. 

The teas are listed above. I'm excited to try the Earl Grey, Chai, and English Breakfast, and I will have to see if any of the other flavours float my boat. I'm hoping to be surprised as some don't sound like they are my kind of thing at all. 

Each tea bag come in a huge individualized packet. 

Here is my tea set up. I'm being greedy today and having an entire pot to myself of  the Raspberry Rush. It is delicious so far. I'm loving the hint of raspberry I can taste, although the flavour is not as strong as the scent, but this isn't entirely a bad thing. I can highly recommend it so far! 

I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to drink it black (as opposed to white - i.e. with milk) but I wanted to use my cute new milk jug. My mum bought it for me as a birthday gift, to match my teapot. 

Hope you enjoyed reading something a little different on my blog.

Until next time ...

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