Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Goodiebox - June 2014

Kia Ora!

The Goodiebox for this month is finally here!! I"m really excited to see what is in it, especially after the $4 price hike this month. There has been quite a bit of negative feedback on the price increase, and I decided to stick around and see if there were positive improvements at all, before making a decision about my own continuation with Goodiebox. 

Goodiebox costs $29 + $4.50 (shipping) per month, and you receive a range of products, normally 5-7.

So far so good, looks the same. It could be great, or awful, but the surprise is exciting. 

I love the card this month. It looks very pretty :)

Well, I'm not happy with the first look. The only thing I can really see is not something I want to be getting in my Goodiebox but I'll give it a chance ...

The card for those interested.

Dr Lewinn's Gentle Facial Cleanser

I'm actually excited about this product. I have no real brand loyalty, and that's part of the reason why I love subscription boxes. I'm nearly out of the last cleanser I got (a sample from Violet Box in April), so I'm pleased to see this. I'm excited to try a new brand and I'm very happy that this is a full-size product! Good work so far Goodiebox.

RRP: $38.00 
Full size. 

Dr Lewinn's Essential Hand and Nail Cream

Although this is also a full size product (which is great), I'm not that happy to see it in here. In the last 3-4 months we have gotten 2 other hand creams from Goodiebox and I haven't finished either of those ones at all. It is good that it is full size, but it will be going straight into my re-gift pile because I'm flush with hand creams already. A bit disappointed with this one. 

RRP: $29.99
Full size.

Calvin Klein - Down Town

I love getting perfume samples. I don't often buy perfume (because expensive) but I like receiving samples to try. This one is lovely, quite light and sweet. I'm terrible at doing the notes for perfumes so will just copy in the information from the packet here:
fresh florals and aromatic woods capture the essence of the confident woman.
Interesting. This is a nice sample to be included, and I'm happy to be able to try it out. 

RRP: $75.00 (full size 30ml)
Sample size (1.2ml): $3.00

U by Kotex Protect Liners (30)

Oh joy, more feminine hygeine products. I am really sick of getting these from Goodiebox. I mean, sure, they are going to be useful. But I've got a massive stash under my bathroom sink, and half the time I skip my period anyway so I just don't get through these as fast as other people probably do. Also, this brand gives out samples like they are candy. I don't think I've actually paid for pads/tampons/liners in months. So I'm not excited at all to get these. 

There is a voucher for buy one get one free, which is nice. However, with my current lack of need, I probably won't use it. At least I have a younger sister who will  be able to use it so it won't go entirely to waste. 

RRP: $4.50

Jemma Kidd Crushed Jewel Creme Duo

I liked the last Jemma Kidd product we were sent (in March/February?) but I'm not sold on the glitter. I'm not into this type of makeup, and prefer natural colours and non-glittery things to go on my eyes. Therefore I will have no use for this, and it goes instantly into the re-gift pile. My sister-in-law will probably end up with it as a birthday present as she seems to like (and wear) this type of thing. 
I haven't bothered to swatch it, because I know I'm going to be giving it away.

RRP: $27.00


Total value of the box this month was $102.50, which is a huge leap from previous boxes.

Overall, I'm quite disappointed with this box. Out of the 5 items, I'll use 2. Two more are straight into the re-gift pile, and I'm just annoyed about the second box with period supplies in it. 

To give Goodiebox their due, all of the products (barring the perfume) were full size. This is an improvement on the boxes full of samples we were getting recently. 

I'm going to have to think long and hard about whether I continue my subscription or not. I'm tempted to keep going, simply because I've been getting the box for a long time and feel a certain sense of loyalty. On the flip side, the International Film Festival is coming up and I have an insane amount of movies I want to see. If I cancel Goodiebox then I can afford two extra movies. 
Hmmmm, a big decision.

What did you think of the box? Did you get anything different?

Until next time ...